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Hofzinser Fan Force

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The Hofzinser Fan Force, also Hofzinser Spread Force or Hofzinser Touch Force, is a method for forcing a card, invented and used by J. N. Hofzinser. It appears as if the performer merely fans the pack, has a card pointed to, and separates the pack at that point, showing the selected card to the audience. In reality, the performer has forced the bottom card of the pack.

The principle of the move has also been adapted to a spread between the hands. In fact, this might be the more common handling seen today.

Dai Vernon's Fan Force was published in Lewis Ganson's Vernon card trilogy in the late fifties. And Harry Lorayne's version, The Lorayne Force, was explained in many of his books, starting with 1962's Close-Up Card Magic. His easy techniques for the move enabled many magicians to learn it for the first time, and the Lorayne Force became widely popular. Ron Bauer also published a finessed handling in the early eighties.

It's unclear when the principle was first applied to a spread between the hands, but an early development was by Ed Marlo, who published a way to start with the force card in the center of the deck. Some of the more recent Spread Force innovations include techniques by Fred Robinson, Tony Miller, and Michael Close.


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