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Hofzinser Spread Cull

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Hofzinser Spread Cull (or Control) is the name given for the control used in Hofzinser's card problem "Synonymous Thoughts" (First Method), which was first printed in English in the The Sphinx for April 1922:

"...Now, please, replace both cards in the deck. The professor spreads out the deck in fan-shape and the first card is pushed in. Almost simultaneously, he puts his right middle and gold finger (the second and third) upon the face, i.e. the lower side of the card in question and places it with a quick side movement towards the right under the fan, while at the same time the left thumb moves the next card into the vacant space, caused by the removal of the first card, thus closing the gap. Now the fan is closed with both hands, leaving the selected card at the bottom of the deck..."

It was later reinvented and refined by many others as: