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* The Bennett's Touch (1986)
* The Bennett's Touch (1986)
* Magic Afoot (1988)
* Magic Afoot (1988)
== References ==
* Obit, MUM, March 1991
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[[Category:Biographies|Bennett, H]]
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[[Category:American magicians|Bennett, H]]

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Horace Bennett (July 9, 1925 - Dec 28, 1990) was born in Richmond, Virginia. He got into magic around 1945 when he purchased a copy of Jean Hugard's Modern Magic Manual and learned about magic shops (like Holden's), magic magazines and magic societies. Horace became one of the original members of the SAM Assembly in Richmond, founded in 1947.

Horace Bennett
BornJuly 9, 1925
Richmond, Virginia
DiedDecember 28, 1990 (age 65)

During World War II, Horace served in the U.S. 30th Infantry Division and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, he re-enlisted in U.S. Counter Intelligence Corps and married a German girl he met in Magdeburg.

Horace credits Bobo, Vernon, Slydini, Roth and Cardini as having great influence on his work. As the "Baffling Bennett," he was a professional performer started out doing stage magic, but later preferred close-up.

Over the years, he contributed effects to Gen, MUM, Linking Ring and Mantra magazines. There was a Horace Bennett Linking Ring Parade in MAY, 1986. Mr. Bennett authored nine books on magic, most published by Jerry Mentzer.

At the time of his death, he was employed as a security officer after some 30 years as an insurance investigator.

The IBM Ring 180 (Richmond, Virginia) is now known as the The Horace Bennett Ring.


  • Horace Bennett's Prize-winning Magic by Hugh Miller (1968)
  • Bennett's Best (1975)
  • On Your Feet (1978)
  • Bennett's Fourth Book (1981)
  • Downs Palm Technique (1981)
  • Alternate Handlings (1983)
  • Familiar Themes (1984)
  • The Bennett's Touch (1986)
  • Magic Afoot (1988)


  • Obit, MUM, March 1991