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* ''Kard Kapers No. 1'' (1934)
* ''Kard Kapers No. 1'' (1934)
* ''Klever Kard Kodes'' (1934)
* ''Klever Kard Kodes'' (1934)
* ''Super-Psychic Mental Effects'' (1933)
* ''[[Super-Psychic Mental Effects]]'' (1933)
* ''Super-Sensitive Fingertips'' (1933)
* ''Super-Sensitive Fingertips'' (1933)
* ''Novelty Card Magic'' (1935)  
* ''Novelty Card Magic'' (1935)  

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Howard P. Albright
BornHoward P. Albright
April 13, 1902
Albany, New York
DiedSeptember 15, 1947 (age 45)
Albany, New York
CategoriesBooks by Howard P. Albright

Howard P. Albright (1902-1947) ran a magic business, Unique Magic Studio, in Albany, New York.[1]


Albright received an education in Albany Business College. Interested in magic since he was a boy, it was always a hobby with him. His business interest was in hardware, and at the time of his death, he and his brother William operated three stores in Albany.

His "Gileegaloo Bird" was one of the first popular Pecking Bird type trick, which he was performing it as early as 1936.

He had been in serious condition for a year with high blood pressure before his death but was active most of the time in his hardware business.

His nephew, R. Clayton Albright, whom was interested in Magic, served as president of the Houdin Assembly.

Several of the Albright's tricks were published in TOPS.[2]


  • A Message From the Sky (1934)
  • Kard Kapers No. 1 (1934)
  • Klever Kard Kodes (1934)
  • Super-Psychic Mental Effects (1933)
  • Super-Sensitive Fingertips (1933)
  • Novelty Card Magic (1935)
  • With Two Decks (1940)
  • Forbidden Wisdom (1948)


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