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Ibidem (1955 - 1979) magic periodical was edited by P. Howard Lyons from Toronto, Ontario, Canada for 36 issues. It was one of the most notable magic periodical in Canada's history.

Only 50 copies of the first few issues were printed. Each cover was individually silk-screened by his wife Pat Lyons.

The emphasis was on card magic, although puzzles and recreational mathematics also appeared.

Contains contributions from Ed Marlo, Stewart James, Howard Lyons, Norman Houghton, Mel Stover, The Amazing Randi, Ken Beale, Tom Ransom, Francis Haxton, L. Vosburgh Lyons, Peter Warlock, Martin Gardner, Faucett W. Ross, Bill Simon, Tom Bowyer, Elmer Biddle, William Miesel, Alex Elmsley, Ravelli and Neal Elias.

Reprinted by Karl Fulves (issues 1 to 12) and then in hardcover by Hermetic Press (volumes 1, 2 and 3). The reprints have additional material - the missing issue No. 37, and the material tabled for Aziz, and several other items.

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