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Jack Miller's Linking Ring Routine

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Jack Miller's Linking Ring Routine
Miller Rings.jpg
AuthorBob Novak
PublisherTannen Magic Inc.
IllustratorBernard Marpet
Publication Date1945
Lou Tannen

presents Jack Miller's Famous LINKING RING ROUTINE Written and edited by Bob Novak Introduction by Jean Hugard

With a special supplementary feature including "MIRACLE MOVES WITH RING AND ROPE"

Photographs by Bernard Marpet

Published by LOUIS TANNEN

Reviewed in Genii 1945 May

Reprint by D. Robbins & Co in 1976.



Already well known in metropolitan magical circles, it was in 1923 that Mr. Jack Miller catapulted to fame as "The Original Giant Card King." Reference to the files of The Billboard and The Sphinx of that year will show that he reaped reams of publicity through his performance with giant cards of the tricks done by other magicians with cards of the standard size and, believe it or not, even the back hand palm was included in his sleights with the giants. Some magicians had already used very large cards for isolated effects but undoubtedly Mr. Miller was the first to work out and present an entire routine with such cards and, not content with mere giant cards, he produced effects in which he used cards more than a foot in length.

It must not be thought that Mr. Miller confined himself to feats with giant cards only, quite the contrary. He is an adept With all the tools of the magic trade and has invented many new ones hitherto undreamed of. In 1932 he again startled the magic world with the invention of his Utility Hold-Out by the aid of which he makes billiard balls, eggs, cards, etc., etc., appear and disappear between his hands as if by magic. To the uninitiated these feats appear to be real magic, they can conceive of no other explanation and that is the Ultima Thule of conjuring.

Not only as a performer but also as a teacher he is in the front rank. "Jack Miller" has been a name to conjure with in the past, it will be even more so in the future. One bf Mr. Miller's favorite feats is that of the famous Chinese Linking Rings. The trick is an old one but still remains one of the best in the repertoire of the modern magician. . However, not content with the orthodox method of handling the rings, Mr. Miller has devised a special routine which has not only lifted the feat into the realms of the miraculous, so far as laymen are concerned, but has completely baffled those who are acquainted with the secret of the older methods.

This special routine, and the subtleties connected with it, is revealed in this book with such complete detail, illustrated by photographic reproductions of the action, that the reader has, practically, the benefit of personal instruction. It is by -such unselfish revelations by masters of the art that MAGIC is brought nearer to that goal—unattainable certainly, but for which every true magician strives--PERFECTION.


January, 1945.


  • Preface
  • Introduction


  • Before Starting
  • The Count
  • Having Rings Examined Without Switching Key
  • How to Take Two Single Rings from Spectator and Link Them Together
  • The Snap Thru
  • Can't Go Through
  • Off the Arm
  • Lay in the Hole
  • The Beer Sign
  • Chain of Three
  • Sucker Key Switch Separation
  • Separating Two Solid Linked Rings
  • Pushing the Rings Through the Arm
  • Causing the Rings to Jump from One Arm to Center of Other Arm.
  • Ring Monte
  • Chain of Four
  • The Climax Chain

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