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John Benzais

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John Benzais
Borncirca 1942
DiedMarch of 1968 (age 25)
CategoriesBooks by John Benzais

John Benzais (ca. 1942 - 1968) was a close-up magician and one time clerk/demonstrator for Tannen's Magic. During his brief career John established a reputation as a magical innovator. and a past president of F.A.M.E. in New York City. He published only a small body of work, the bulk of which are contained in his book, The Best of Benzais (1967), which he wrote and illustrated himself.


Benzais married the daughter of Joe Fenichel, Diana (also a magician), on April 4, 1963.[1]

Benzais left Tannen's employ no more than a year before he died of injuries sustained in an automobile accident in Pennsylvania, he was at age 26. [2] [3] [4]


The Secret of Gorius, a rope routine in which a knot repeatedly appears and vanishes, that Richard Kaufman once referred to as "one of the best kept secrets in magic".


  • Han Ping Benzais
  • Benzais Cop
  • Benzais Spinout Subtlety
  • Benzais Cut
  • Benzais Deal Steal
  • Benzais Spin
  • Benzais Friction Retention Pass[5]



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