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John Guastaferro

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John Guastaferro

Notable worksBrainstorm and One Degree

John Guastaferro is an American magician, author, speaker, and creator. His book One Degree (2010) is available in four languages, and was heralded as "Best Magic Book of 2010" by and


John Guastaferro is a performer, creator, author, and member of the Academy of Magical Arts. John first got into magic at the age of seven when he watched Doug Henning make a nickel vanish on television.

John has lectured and performed across the United States, London and Paris. John has earned worldwide acclaim for his published magic books and DVDs. John’s first major magic release was in 2003 with his Brainstorm DVDs, produced by L&L Publishing. In 2007, John released a sequel DVD entitled Second Storm.

In 2010, John released his first hardcover book, One Degree, published by Vanishing Inc. The book has received accolades from card magicians both for the 20 card routines, and for the interwoven tips and essays that show how to make magic stronger through small, yet important “one degree” improvements. John’s expertise as both a magician and advertising professional come to life through his insights throughout the book.

John as been writing for Genii Magazine since 2015, and as of November 2016, writes the esteemed Magicana column.


  • “John G. is simply one of the best! His magic is elegant and always delivers smiles and surprises.” (Larry Wilmore, Comedian, Writer)
  • “John is unquestionably one of the best minds in magic today…a master of the art.” (Jack Carpenter, author of The Expert’s Portfolio)
  • “John has masterful technique and cunning sense of entertainment value. He’s a cut above!” (David Regal, TV Writer & Magic Castle Board Member)
  • "There are a few pockets of genuinely good thinking in magic scattered around the world. John Guastaferro occupies one of them." (Stephen Minch, magic historian, author, publisher)
  • “I am a fan and thoroughly enjoy examining how John puts together his refined card magic. In my opinion, his constructions hit the mark of ‘elegant’ more often than anyone else around." (John Bannon, magic creator, author)

Awards and Honors

  • One Degree, Magic Book of the Year, 2010,
  • One Degree, Best Book of the Year, 2010,
  • John Guastaferro headlines at The Session, UK, 2009 and 2014
  • CenterStage, among the Top Ten Products of 2015,
  • John Guastaferro selected as the new columnist for GENII magazine's Magicana column, beginning Nov. 2016



  • 2010, One Degree
  • 2013, Discoveries & Deceptions

Lecture Notes

  • 2005, Second Storm
  • 2008, G Notes
  • 2014, Seven Wonders
  • 2015, Hands Off My Notes

DVDs & Downloads

  • 2003, Brainstorm vol. 1 & 2, L&L Publishing
  • 2007, Second Storm vol. 1 & 2, L&L Publishing
  • 2013, Box Set, Vanishing Inc.
  • 2013, Live Lecture, Penguin Magic
  • 2014, At The Table Lecture, Murphy's Magic
  • 2015, CenterStage vol. 1 & 2, Vanishing Inc.


  • 1999, Stephen Hobbs' LABYRINTH #9, "Trans-Pocket Switch"
  • 2000, Stephen Hobbs' LABYRINTH #11, "Ballet Cut"
  • 2005,, 2005, "Time Will Tell"
  • 2006, Jon Lovick's SWITCH, "Cookie's Fortune" and "That's the Ticket"
  • 2007, ANTINOMY #11, "Surpa-Gemini"
  • 2008, Reel Magic Magazine, "Constellation"
  • 2009, March issue of Magic Magazine, "Intro-Verted" in Talk About Tricks column
  • 2009, L&L World's Greatest Magic (McDonalds Aces)
  • 2010, Small But Deadly 2, Paul Hallas - "Tailspin"
  • 2012, L&L World's Greatest Magic (Business Cards)
  • 2014, Magicana, Genii Magazine, "iContact"
  • 2015, Magicana, Genii Magazine, "Bermuda Aces"
  • 2016, Magicana, Genii Magazine, "All About Perception"
  • 2016, Red Hot Mamas, John Racherbaumer, "White Hot Mama"


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