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Jumbo Cards

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Jumbo Cards are over-sized playing cards (usually 5"x7") that are about twice of standard bridge cards.

One of the earliest reported uses was by Buatier de Kolta in May 1875 during his appearance in London at the Egyptian Hall where he made cards grow from very small to very large.

The began showing up in magic shops for sale, specifically for stage magicians, around 1900 in Spain as the "Baraja Española No.111 Gigante". The started being sold in Germany in 1917 by Conradi-Horster as the "Conradi Riesenkartenspiel".

Jack Miller began using jumbos in 1920 and created one of the first full jumbo-card routine in 1923 being billed as "The Original Giant Card King".

"Jumbo Playing Cards" were used by Houdini in 1925 for his Giant Card Star illusion. [1]


"If a Jumbo card is inserted in a bridge deck, it makes a wonderful locator."Al Baker in The Sphinx )Vol.31 (1932), page 273)



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