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Karl Schröder

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BornDecember 8, 1876
DiedJuly 25, 1960 (age 83)
Known forFounder of the "Magische Zirkel von Deutschland"

Karl Schröder (1876-19600), a bank employee and hobby magician living in Hamburg, Germany, is the founder of the "Magische Zirkel von Deutschland" (MZvD). He also gave the circle its name, against some resistance (others preferred names like "Spiritistischer Zirkel"). [1]


The circle was founded May 8, 1912. Apart from Schröder, eight founding members participated in this occasion. Schröder became their first president. The periodical Magie was founded by him in 1918. The first "International Magic Congress" was held in 1931. World War I interrupted the circle work occasionally.

His presidency ended in 1924 but in 1928 he became president again. In 1936 the MZvD was integrated in the "Reichsfachschaft Artistik" of the "Reichstheaterkammer" which was controlled by the Nazi dictatorship. The new presidency was given to Helmut Schreiber (aka Kalanag). Later photographs turned up which show Helmut Schreiber associated with Nazis like Bohrmann, Göring, and Hitler himself.

In 1946, after World War II, Karl Schröder tried to revive the "Magischen Zirkel" and it was accepted in the Britische Zone of Hamburg as a registered society.

In 1949, Emil Thoma founded in Munich a second circle which was a heavy blow for Schröder, by then he was 72 years old. Schröder's circle was by then registered under "Magischer Zirkel Hamburg e.V.", Thoma’s under "Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland". Later the two circles merged into the today’s organization and Schröder became its chairman by seniority.

The Triberg Congress in 1954 was the last Schröder participated in spite of his undermined health. Schröder died July 25, 1960.


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