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Headed by [[Richard Kaufman]]. Publisher of many great magic books and videos.
'''Kaufman and Company''', headed by [[Richard Kaufman]], is a publisher of many magic books and videos.<ref>Website:</ref>
See [[Books by Richard Kaufman]]
Was formed after twenty years as [[Kaufman and Greenberg]] in the 1990s.
See also [[Books by Richard Kaufman]].
[[Category:Close Up Magic Books]]
[[Category:Magic Books from Kaufman and Greenberg]]
== References ==
[[Category:Magic Books by Richard Kaufman]]
<references />
[[Category:Magic Dealers]]

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Kaufman and Company, headed by Richard Kaufman, is a publisher of many magic books and videos.[1]

Was formed after twenty years as Kaufman and Greenberg in the 1990s.

See also Books by Richard Kaufman.


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