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Keys to the Kingdom

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Keys to the Kingdom
PublisherCamirand Academy of Magic
Publication Date1992

Keys to the Kingdom (Camirand Academy of Magic) was a marketed item by David Acer.

The booklet came with 3 "house key" props, with manufacturing rights reserved by The Camirand Academy of Magic, Inc. This is a variation of the Color Changing Knives using house keys. The routine story-line is that the magician wants to keep his house keys straight and has color coded them, but becomes just as confused as ever.

Acer also performs and explains this routine using Greg Wilson's special set of keys on Wilson's Freakey DVD (2008)


  • 1 Introduction
  • 1 Effect: house key colors become mixed up, even in the spectator's hand
  • 2 Supplied: a description of the keys
  • 3 Performance: Part 1 Hand to Hand - red and green keys transpose in the magician's hands
  • 5 Part II My Hand to Your Hand - transposition from spectator's hand to magician's hand
  • 6 Part III The Triple Transformation - A red key sandwiched between two green keys becomes a green key sandwiched between two reds!
  • 6 Part IV The Great Dresser Mystery - a vanish of a single key
  • 10 The V-H Paddle Move: the paddle move explained
  • 12 The Second Rung (Gary Ouellet): doing the paddle move while holding two keys
  • 12 Closing Comments: reference to the Automatic Coffee Stirrer routine by Guy Camirand


Courtesy of Doug A's Magic Book TOCs