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Knack Magic Tricks

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Knack Magic Tricks
AuthorRichard Kaufman
Publication Date2010

Knack Magic Tricks: A Step-by-Step Guide to Illusions, Sleight of Hand, and Amazing Feats.

Photographed by Elizabeth Kaufman with a Foreword by David Copperfield, is the first book by Kaufman marketed for the public.


[Chapter 1] Self Working Card Tricks

  • Four Kings Found
  • Nine Cards (Jim Steinmeyer)
  • Numerology (Larry Jennings)

[Chapter 2] More Self Working Card Tricks

  • Mix It Up! (Paul Curry)
  • Don’t Touch the Cards (Jack Miller)
  • My Uncle Cheated at Cards (Marlo-Gardner-Lorayne)

[Chapter 3] Simple Card Tricks

  • Do As I Do
  • X Force (Max Holden)
  • Color-Changing Deck (Wayne Dobson)

[Chapter 4] Intermediate Card Tricks

  • The Double Lift
  • The Changing Card
  • The Trick that Fooled Houdini (Dai Vernon)
  • Chicago Opener (Frank Everhart, Frank Garcia)

[Chapter 5] Advanced Card Tricks

  • Four Ace Reverso (Shigeo Takagi)
  • Quadruple Coincidence (Mike Shelley)

[Chapter 6] Simple Coin Tricks

  • Five Little Piggies
  • A Coin Vanish
  • Quarter to Tea

[Chapter 7] Advanced Coin Tricks

  • Matrix (Al Schneider)
  • Atomic Coins

[Chapter 8] Simple Anytime Tricks

  • There’s Money in Baked Goods!
  • Meet Uri Geller
  • Jumping Rubber Band (Stanley Collins)
  • Voodoo Burn (Jack Kent Tillar)
  • Let’s Float! (Edmund Balducci)

[Chapter 9] String Tricks

  • Fantastic String Trick
  • Ring, String, Zing! (Stewart James)
  • Straw ’N String

Chapter 10] Simple Mental Mysteries

  • Impromptu Mindreading (Roy Baker)
  • 51 Faces North (P. Howard Lyons)
  • Thought Speller (Max Maven)

[Chapter 11] Intermediate Mental Mysteries

  • When Planets Align
  • Cellphone Divination (John Northern Hilliard)
  • Precursor to Destiny (Albert Spackman)

[Chapter 12] Advanced Mental Mysteries

  • Professional Spoon Bending 1
  • Telekinetic Disintegration (Dr. Hiroshi Sawa)
  • Glorpy (Bill Madden and Bernie Trueblood)

[Chapter 13] Rope Tricks===

  • Vanishing Rope Knot
  • Snip ‘n Restore
  • Hypnotic Ropes (Bob Carver)

[Chapter 14] Bill Tricks

  • Old Abe Was a Moody Man (Bob Read)
  • Buddha Bills
  • Mr. Jackson Takes A Powder (Nicholas Night)

[Chapter 15] Handkerchief and Napkin Tricks

  • The Iron Toothpick
  • Through the Table
  • Cut and Restored Napkin

[Chapter 16] Fruit Tricks

(In the Bermuda Triangle (Jim Steinmeyer)

  • Banana Mystery

[Chapter 17] Glass and Cup Tricks

  • Master Coin Penetration (Lubor Fiedler)
  • Cups and Balls (Richard Kaufman)

[Chapter 18] Kids Perform Magic

  • Rubber Pencil
  • The Cannibal’s Finger
  • Crying Lincoln
  • Phantom Tube

[Chapter 19] Performing Magic for Kids

  • Removing your Finger
  • The Magic Book
  • Magic Production Tubes

[Chapter 20] Resource Directory