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Koran deck

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The Koran Deck is a Forcing Deck that was marketed in the 1950s which was a direct copy of Audley Walsh's Magician's Dream which appeared in The Jinx (No. 43, dated April 1938 on page 298).

The spectator is given the deck and is told to deal the cards one at a time, face up and to stop whenever he feels. The card stopped at matches the prediction. Al Koran liked to place the prediction envelope in his wallet and place the wallet in the spectator's breast pocket before the card is chosen.

First advertisement in The Gen, Vol. 14, No. 9, jan. 1959, page 279 as Miracle Pack.

The deck used for Al Koran's "Five-Star Prediction" which was a modified 1-0-1 Deck using four force cards is also sometimes referred to as a Koran Deck or Five Star Deck.

It has also been marketed under other names including "Future Foretold", "Premonition, and "Spyder Deck".

Future Foretold in Tarot (Koran deck using Tarot Cards) was advertised by Murray's Magic Mart in the August 1983 issue of MUM.