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== Books ==
== Books ==
* Sword Flight eBook & DVD (2004)
Sword Flight eBook & DVD (2004) -
* Shattered Reality (2010)  
* The Heist (2011)
Shattered Reality (2010) -
The Heist (2011) -
• The Web  (2012) -
== Consulting ==
== Consulting ==

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Lance Richardson
BornLance Curtis Richardson

Lance Richardson is an art director and inventor of magical theatrical effects. He has written and produced over four books, DVDs and manuscripts on magic.


Born to a magician, Lance was exposed to magic at a very young age and often used his father’s props as toys. When he was thirteen, he helped his father out at a show for the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM). It was his job to preset the illusions backstage, and it was the moment his formal interest in magic began.

“Each illusion was set up behind the curtain until it came to the Sub Trunk. I will never forget the feeling I had when I rolled that box out of the shadows and into the warm all-consuming light of the stage. At that moment, I found my passion.”

At the show he met Brett Stevens, who offered to act as a teacher in return for occasional help. This informal internship led to Lance developing a dove routine then acting as art director for the first illusion he ever built, a Lady in Six. Brett taught Lance the importance of customizing each prop to fit the show and the magician’s unique performance style.

As a teenager, Lance performed for the El Paso Festival, the MDA telethon, the Amigo Air show, various private events and, of course, birthday parties – the bread and butter of magicians. As he grew in age and experience, Lance realized that his true calling lay in designing effects for fellow magicians, and he set out to make it a business. He created Excalibur, a dramatic sword basket illusion without a basket. While sales were weak, Lance used it as a learning experience. The next illusion he built was the Web, and it was a success. It is currently custom built by Dream Illusions and has been sold to magicians worldwide.

Since his interest turned to Art Direction and Illusion Design, Lance has worked as an Art Director on several projects for Ken Whitaker and Paul Haynes of Creative Illusions, and for Production Stage Works. He served as Magic Consultant and stage manager for Kevin Ridgeway and Kristen Johnson of Living Illusions when they shot Inside The Houdini Museum for the Discovery Channel. He created a Sub Trunk for Jason Alexander of Alexander Magic and a Sword Flight instructional DVD, now distributed by Murphy’s Magic.

While Lance has worked with all aspects of magic both on and offstage, his true passion lies in art direction, magic consulting, and designing new illusions for magicians worldwide. He attributes his success to his family, friends, clients and colleagues, and plans to use his experiences to provide new, dynamic illusions for magicians worldwide.

“Over the years I have been lucky enough to have worked with amazing people and I have experienced some truly magical moments. Each of these has provided me with a unique learning experience that helps me continue my work. I believe that truly successful people don’t dwell on where they’ve been, but focus instead on where they are going and never stop learning about their passions and interests. My goal is to use what I have learned and experienced to advance the art of magic.”

Currently, Lance is developing and releasing unique illusions in book form as part of his “Mockup Illusion Design” series. This series provides new magical effects in full detail, including images of a prototype photographed from every angle, a complete set of workshop plans that include each measurement, and tips on performance, routine, and building. This series is sold worldwide.


  • It is nice to see Lance Richardson marketing original stage routines that are visual, self-contained, require no assistants, and pack small but play big...a solid front-of-curtain effect, suitable for an illusion show or a finale for a smaller stage show.

- Greg Gleason for Magic Magazine

  • From the description the effect almost sounds too good to be true and guess what, it isn’t. Mr. Richardson has written a great booklet for performers looking to add a stand-up or illusion effect into their shows.

- Cameron Ramsay for

  • I think there is great potential for the illusionist and I recommend it for magicians looking for a small scale illusion that can be perform if they can put some innovation behind it.

- JC Sum Asia's Premier Illusionists and TV star

  • Your illusion story for "The Heist" makes for a fascinating presentation, and I congratulate you on your creative story, along with your well thought-out method.

- Andre Kole America's foremost inventor of magical effects

  • Lance Richardson has developed a great series of effects, big ideas in small packages, and then described them beautifully. These inspiring books deserve the attention of magicians.

- Jim Steinmeyer Writer, Director & Television Producer

Art Direction

  • X Metamorphous trunk designed for Alexander
  • Vortex design for Michael McPherson - Poet Theatricals
  • Bisector exoskeleton design for Rich Hill
  • Skyward levitation design for Michael Berends
  • Paul Haynes - Production Stageworks – 5 projects
  • Ken Whitaker & Paul Haynes -Creative Illusions – 2 projects
  • Set design Ridgeway & Johnson


• Sword Flight eBook & DVD (2004) -

• Shattered Reality (2010) -

• The Heist (2011) -

• The Web (2012) -


  • Ridgeway & Johnson - Production
  • Sean Scott - Product Development
  • Ridgeway & Johnson - Inside The Houdini Museum TV shoot for the Discovery Channel

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