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Larry Arcuri

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Larry Arcuri
BornLawrence Peter Arcuri
April 24 1905
New York City
DiedDecember 13, 1980 (age 75)
Coconut Creek, Florida

Larry Arcuri (1905-1980), a journalist and amateur magician, founded the New York Magic Table in early 1940s. He also did club dates as "The Magic Chef", conjuring up real food.


Arcuri had appeared on the Johnny Carson Show, was featured in Ripley's "Believe It or Not" column and had invented tie tricks.

He was an associate editor of the Linking Ring.In the late 1940s, Arcuri authored a whimsical column, "Once Over Sleightly," in the Linking Ring magazine.[1] He was also a member of the London Magic Circle. Arcuri was for 12 years the secretary of the Parent Assembly and editor of the The Spellbinder, their newsletter. He had edited 141 issues when he retired.

Arcuri organized the first pilgrimage to the Houdini grave, which was to become an annual custom of the New York S.A.M. [2]


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