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Leat's Leaflets

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Leat's Leaflets
PublisherHarry Leat
First issue1925
Final issue1940
Total issues56

Leat's Leaflets was a irregularly published Magic Periodical from Harry Leat that he began publishing in 1925 to keep in contact with his costumers. They included editorials, effects, cartoons (poking fun at magicians of the time), art and some of Sid Lorraine's earliest published work. It ran from 1925 until 1940 for a total of 56 issues.

His editorials reflected the magical scene at the time. Leat blasted many icons of magic including Houdini, The Linking Ring, Servais Le Roy, magic clubs, and many other targets he perceived as dishonest. A typical quote: "Magic is not controlled by magicians, but by solicitors, lawyers, architects, mimics, clerks, tradesmen, etc., etc., with possibly a retired magician or a humorous conjurer or exposer thrown in just to give things a semblance of magic."

Supreme Magic revived it in 1970 when they took over Leat's business.