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Lines From Lawton

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Lines From Lawton
EditorsDon Lawton
PublisherTown House Magic
First issueMay 1953
Final issueJune 1962
Total issues31

Lines From Lawton was a magic newsletter by Don Lawton published irregularly from May 1953 to June 1962. There were 31 regular issues, as well as several "Bonus Pages," "Christmas greetings," and convention report supplements. Lawton also used the title Lines From Lawton for a column he wrote in Genii magazine from January 1982 to September 1984. Finally, he published New Lines from Lawton, a paid subscription newsletter, from February 1985 until February 1988.

Lines From Lawton (Genii column)

In the December 1981 issue of Genii, William Larsen, Jr., wrote:

At the Variety Arts Center, where the magicians have lunch every Wednesday at noon, I was talking to Castle member Charlie Kohrs about Genii. He pointed out that since Senator Crandall and Lou Derman are no longer around that the magazine is lacking humor. I hadn't thought about it but he is right. I can't think of anyone more able to write humor than Don Lawton. I have twisted his arm and starting with the January issue, Lines From Lawton will come back into being.

Lawton's column started in January 1982, and continued until December 1983, when it was announced in "Genii Speaks" that his column would be discontinued.

However, in the very next issue, William Larsen, Jr., wrote:

"... I have had many letters telling me DON'T DISCONTINUE LINES FROM LAWTON. I listen. I hear. I act. Lawton will return in the March issue.

And he did. Lawton's column reappeared in March 1984. It only continued until September 1984, however, when Lawton announced:

This will be my last column for Genii magazine. I have finally decided to do something I have wanted to do for a long time... issue a monthly newsletter! It will be called New Lines From Lawton and consist of four or six printed 8 1/2 by 11 pages containing my personal LINES as you know them from my magic dealer days and Genii magazine, plus book and trick reviews, guest articles and editorials, patter and presentation lines, photos I think will be of interest, and just about anything else I think you will enjoy.