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Linking Pins

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The Linking Pins is a trick invented and popularized by Jerry Andrus, in which the performer causes safety pins to "magically" link and unlink from one another.


The Linking Pins evolved from the old Piff-Paff-Poof, a popular trick in which the performer "magically" unlinked two ordinary pins. It was marketed by Gene Gordon in the early thirties and a presentation for it was printed within the "Vest Pocket and Impromptu Magic" column by W. F. Van Zandt in the December 1934 of The Linking Ring.[1] A few years later, a version attributed to Don White appeared in Hilliard's Greater Magic (1938). In 1943, L. Vosburgh Lyons published an approach using a gimmicked key-pin in The Phoenix, which he called Slip, Snap, Spoof.

Enter Jerry Andrus, who in 1955, released his Linking Pins. He used two regular pins as well as Lyons' gaffed pin, and had an entire routine linking and unlinking all three. The following year, he published what remains to this day the definitive treatise on the Linking Pins, Safety Pin-Trix. Ron Bauer had a comedy version published in The New Tops in 1962.

In 1978, Tony Slydini made a big splash when his Mystery of the Gold Pins was published in Apocalypse. It was also sold by him and through Palmer Magic as the Slydini Pins.

The development of the "soft" pin was published by Han van Senus in Apocalypse in 1982. It would provide inspiration for Dan Garrett and his popular Pin-Demonium, as well as Bruce Bernstein's Linking Pins Routine and Michael Weber's End to Pindemonium.

Gaetan Bloom developed a new and unique methods in the mid-eighties, and has become well-known for the trick.

A new gimmick was introduced by Nicholas Bengston in 2004, and sold as Dreamweaver through Murphy's Magic Supplies.


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