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Linking Ring Manipulation

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Linking Ring Manipulation
Fitzkee Linking Rings.jpg
AuthorDariel Fitzkee
PublisherThe American Studios
Publication Date1930
SubjectLinking Rings

Linking Ring Manipulation with an Original Ring Routine, "The Oriental Rings"


Before going into the subject of this work, I should like to correct an erroneous impression that has reached me from the Atlantic coast.

In "Cut and Restored Rope Manipulation" I saw fit to criticize the ethics employed by the Tarbell system in marketing the Tarbell course. Many people have misunderstood that to mean a personal reflection on Dr. Tarbell. Without deviating from my original views, as previously expressed, please be assured that there was no personal reflection on Dr. Tarbell, or enmity intended. I have admired Dr. Tarbell and his work for a long time. My opinion of the Tarbell course is that it is the greatest individual work on magic. Anyone seriously interested in magic, who does not possess it, is depriving himself of one of magic's greatest tools.

I might say in the same connection that in spite of the fact that I criticized U. F. Grant's rope methods, there was no personal enmity involved. And neither did I mean that I did not like other effects of his own origination. Quite to the contrary.

And again, what I might like you might not like - and so on. Personal views are not always conclusive. This is not an apology, for an apology is not necessary. It is simply an explanation of facts that I had thought were well understood.

From what some of the critics have had to say about "Cut and Restored Rope Manipulation" and "Jumbo Card Manipulation" you probably think I travel about with a black mask and a cannon - or a cutlass in my teeth.

I assure you I haven't found that necessary yet. Perhaps I shall have to do so for personal protection.

You may recall that I didn't claim as my own invention anything that appeared in the rope book. Some of the things in the jumbo card book I did claim.

Honestly, I did think I had devised some of it myself. But it doesn't matter much whether I did or not.

Now I want to assure you that my age is slightly over thirty. They say the linking ring trick is several hundred years old. I did not invent the linking ring trick! That is that.

But I know your interests are not in this sort of thing. Before we get into the subject I should like to caution you to guard the secrets to be revealed to you shortly. They are valuable. I know you will find them effective and exclusive.

Dariel Fitzkee


  • Introduction
  • The Old Routine
  • Methods of Gaining Possession of Concealed Key Ring
  • The Oriental Rings
  • Namreh's Solor Linking
  • Two Moves by Loyd Enochs
  • Literature on the Linking Rings
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