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Luis de Matos

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Luis de Matos

Cover of Genii (1996)
BornAugust 23, 1970


Luis de Matos (b.1970) is a Portuguese magician and was voted magician of the decade 2000-2009.


Luis de Matos was born in Portuguese Mozambique in 1970, a Portuguese overseas province until 1975. At the age of five he moved with his parents to Portugal where the family settled near the city of Coimbra. He has a Bachelor's degree (B.Ag) in agricultural technical engineering from Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra (ESAC) - an agriculture school of the Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra (IPC).

He had an extense TV career, having several guest appearances and later his own most successful TV shows "Isto é Magia", "Noite Mágica" and "Ilusões com Luis de Matos" throughout the years. He won several important prizes such as the Magician of the Year (Hollywood Academy of Magic Arts - 1999) and the Mandrake D'or (French Society of Magicians - 2000).

Quoting his Award of Merit (Hollywood Academy of Magic Arts - 1995):

In recognition of his remarkable devotion to the art of magic. His television series "Isto é Magia" and "Noite Mágica" brought legions of new fans to the art. An accomplished magician and illusionist he has brought dozens of international stars of magic before his television audience to share their talent and their knowledge of magical history. In his career he will touch millions and instill in them his love for magic.

Nowadays Luis de Matos still has a major contribution to the promotion of Magic and Art producing a series of Street Magic Festivals, occurring every year throughout the country (Portugal). In this festivals he brings literally dozens of great performers from all over the world to amaze and entertain the most varied audiences.[1]


  • 1986. "Best Newcomer" award at the seventh Festival of Magic organised by the Portuguese Association of Illusions at Figueira da Foz.
  • 1987. Second in Close-Up at the renamed 1st National Congress.
  • 1989. Winner in Manipulation at the 2nd National Congress.
  • 1999. Magician of the Year, from the Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts.
  • 2010 - "Merlin Award, Magician Of The Decade" - International Magicians Society
  • 2013 - "Special Fellowship Award" - Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts
  • 2013 - "Magic en:Golden Grolla, Il grande rivoluzionario della magia” - The Masters of Magic
  • 2013 - "The Devant Award" - The Magic Circle


  • 1990. First professional appearance on a RTP1 (Portuguese national channel) Christmas Special as M/C.
  • 1991. A regular, ten minute spot on a morning show (for ten weeks) RTP1.
  • 1992. Isto é Magia (This is Magic) series which ran for forty consecutive weeks, RTP1
  • 1993. Twenty six Saturday lunchtime shows, RTP1.
  • 1994. Noite Mágica (Magic Night) series starts in Portugal. RTP1
  • 1995. Magiskt Show, Sweden; World's Greatest Magic, NBC USA; Champions of Magic, ABC USA.
  • 2011. The Magicians, a BBC show broadcast in the UK.
  • 2017 - Luís de Matos - Impossível, RTP!



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