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First issue
First issueOctober, 1911
Final issueongoing
Vol 41, No. 1, June 1951

M-U-M, Magic-Unity-Might, is the official organ of the Society of American Magicians.

Prior to M-U-M becoming into existence, S.A.M. reports were published in the Sphinx magazine starting in 1902.

Roltare/Houdini years (1911 - 1927)

The First Series of M-U-M started in October, 1911 (see ) with some interruptions and changes in the title over the years.

Other editors during the early years included Henry Hatton and other S.A.M. presidents.

Starting with the June 1917 issue, Houdini became editor (this was years after his own magazine Conjurers' Monthly Magazine. John Mulholland was his assistant editor. Houdini was underwriting the cost of its publication and on his death in 1926 they could no longer afford to keep it as a separate magazine.

Sphinx (1927 - 1941)

A deal was worked out to include the M-U-M inside the Sphinx with Mulholland continuing on as editor.

Genii (1941 - 1947)

In 1941, S.A.M. awarded William Larsen, Sr. with the contract to print M-U-M as part of Genii magazine (June 1941 to June 1947).

Sphinx again (1947 - 1951)

In 1947, John Mulholland took back the contract to start printing M-U-M within the Sphinx again.

M-U-M today

Starting in June 1951, the S.A.M. decided it was time to start publishing M-U-M as a free standing magazine again. Milbourne Christopher became editor and continued until July, 1956. After other editors, David Goodsell took over the reigns with the Sept 1976 issues and had an unprecedented 30 year run as editor (never missing a deadline).

Persons who've appeared on the cover