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== References ==
* Hofzinser issue [[Genii 2005 November]]
[[Category:Ace Assembly]]
[[Category:Ace Assembly]]

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MacDonald's Aces is an Ace Assembly using gaffed cards where four Aces are shown, placed face up on the table, and covered with three other cards. One by one the Aces vanish from three piles, assembling together under the fourth pile held by the spectator.


It was first published in "More Inner Secrets" (1960) as "McDonald's $100 Routine" credited to Mac MacDonald (a one armed magic pitchman) who was selling the effect in the 1960s.

The plot itself was probably created by Hofzinser between 1857 and 1875 and was the finale of a trick called The Power of Faith (or more coreectly translated according to Magic Christian, The Power of Belief). Also, the use of double face cards in a four of a kind routine was in the Hofzinser's Card Conjuring (1931) as "The Four Kings".

There is also a description that predates MacDonald's version in the book My Best (1945) by J.G. Thompson, Jr. written up by Orville Meyer as Greatest Four Ace Trick.


  • Alexander De Cova's "MacDonald's Aces"
  • John Guastaferro's "Famous Aces"
  • Gary Ouellet A Dream of Aces
  • Gilles Couture's "Macoins" (MacDonald's Aces with coins)