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Magic Dynamite

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Magic Dynamite
PublisherBurling Hull
First issue1952
Final issue1952
Total issues1

Magic Dynamite "The Magazine on Magical Showmanship and Dramatic Presentations" was published by Burling Hull, which was being advertised in the Genii and the Linking Ring by 1952. [1]

The first and only issue was 32 pages of tricks and presentations.

Hull reported in the Linking Ring in 1956 that an issue No. 2 was in the works and was to be enlarged to twice the size, but it never seems to have materialized.[2]

Contents (as advertised)

  • How Dunninger THUNDERBOLTS his audiences using tricks you all know. Reveals the Dramatic Technique that THRILLS audiences — Wins Newspaper Headlines — makes a mere Magician into a SENSATION!
  • "Bursts of Flame" while held by spectator. (Easy chemical 'mental control' tricks).
  • "Tests Condition Telepathy" with committee on stage.
  • Any Trick Made Sensational, and how to do it.
  • "Hush, Spirits," a spectacular Message effect.
  • Dynamic Showmanship — it brings in the BIG MONEY.
  • "You're a Mindreader, Huh? — Let's See You Read My Mind?"
  • Visible Appearance of Spirit 'Message' on Blank Slate. Names and dates appear.
  • Technique of Mentalist-type Patter. What to say and how to say it.
  • 'Number Vision Flight', Impromptu Mindreading.
  • Nite Club 'Opening' stunt with Dollar Bills, complete with patter


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