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*[  jacky kahan Magic Books Index]
*[  jacky kahan Magic Books Index]
*[ Conjuring Arts' Magazine Holdings]
*[ Conjuring Arts' Magazine Holdings]
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List of known (primary English language) magic periodicals.

Title Start End Notes Links
Abraxas 2000-11-10 2006-01-10 Daniel Rhod/SIAM Paris
American Magician 1910-04-10 1912-09-10 Charles J. Hagen New York
Antinomy 2005-01-10 2010-01-10 By Gene Taylor
Apocalypse 1978-01-10 1997-12-10 Harry Lorayne's Magazine. Illustrated by Richard Kaufman, Bill Steinacker, Gregg Webb, Joe Wierzbicki Published by L&L Publishing
Arcane 1970-10-10 1995-10-10 Arcane Jeff Busby
Bat 1943-02-10 1956-02-10 Bat, The
Bat Jr. 1951-01-10 1955-08-10 Bat Jr.,Lloyd E. Jones
Behind The Smoke and Mirrors 1998-03-10 2006-01-10 Behind The Smoke and Mirrors David London Potomac, MD
BIG BOB'S MAGIC CLUB NEWS 1969-03-10 1976-04-10 BIG BOB'S MAGIC CLUB NEWS. Robert Shvegzda. Cicero, IL. Big Bob's Magic Club. Irregular. Printed. 5.5 x 8.5. Complete file runs N1 (March, 1969) through V2 N32 (April, 1976).
Boy Magician 1909-04-10 1910-03-10 Charles J. Hagen New York renamed The American Magician
Bulletin for Friends of Magic History 1976-01-10 1978-01-10 Bulletin for Friends of Magic History Steven S. Tigner Toledo, OH
Cardiste 1957-02-10 1958-08-10 The Cardiste J. Russell Duck Philipsburg, PA No. 1-11
Channel One 1999-09-10 2006-08-10 Channel One Radio Free Atlantis Powell, OH
Chaps Scrapbook 1938-07-10 1940-06-10 Frank Chapman Magazine. From July 1938 to June 1940.
Chronicles 1978-01-10 1988-01-10 Karl Fulves's Magazine 1978-1988
Clear The Decks 1986-07-10 2006-06-10 Clear The Decks 52 Plus Joker Ontario, Canada
CLARKE THE SENATOR CRANDALL COMMENTS 1974-06-10 1975-08-10 Clarke The Senator Crandall Hollywood, CA No. 1-7
Conjurer 1975-01-10 1976-01-10 The Conjurer Michael Albright Van Nuys, CA Issue 1-8
Conjurers' Magazine 1945-02-10 1949-09-10 The Conjurers' Magazine Walter B. Gibson New York City Vol.1-4 No.1-12, Vol.5 No.1-7
Conjurers' Monthly Magazine 1906-09-10 1907-08-10 Conjurers' Monthly Magazine by Harry Houdini
Crimp 1992-01-10 2006-01-10 The Crimp Jerry Sadowitz Glasgow, Scotland
Eagle Magician 1915-11-10 1935-07-10 The Eagle Magician Collins Pentz Minneapolis, MN
Edwards Monthly 1909-02-10 1910-06-10 Edwards Monthly W.G. Edwards Bridgeburg, Canada Vol.1 No.1-12; Vol.2 No.1-5
Epilogue 1967-11-10 1975-07-10 Karl Fulves's Magazine Illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt Published by Karl Fulves November 1967 - July 1975 Special issue: 1976
Felsman's Magical Review 1919-10-10 1924-01-10 Felsman's Magical Review Arthur P. Felsman Chicago, IL v.11-12; v.21-10; v.31
Gen 1945-12-10 1971-01-10 Britain's most exciting magic magazine ever! It ran for 26 years from 1945, Publisher Harry Stanley and editor Lewis Ganson gathered contributions from hundreds of the biggest names in magic.
Genii 1936-09-10 3080-01-10 Genii Magazine
Goldston Magical Quarterly 1934-07-10 1940-09-10 Will Goldston London, England Vol.1-6
Goldston Reader 1907-01-10 1916-01-10 Goldston Reader
Goodliffe's Abracadabra 1946-02-20 3000-01-10 Goodliffe's Abracadabra The UK's only weekly magical magazine Need to verify start and end
Grant's Inner Circle Magazine 1948-11-10 1949-09-10 Grant's Inner Circle Magazine U.F. Grant Columbus, OH Vol.1 No.1-12
Hierophant 1969-09-10 1980-06-10 The Hierophant No. 1, Moslty Marlo Issue, Fall (Sept) 1969 The Hierophant No. 2, Winter 1969 The Hierophant No. 3, Spring (March) 1970 The Hierophant No. 4, Summer (June) 1970 The Hierophant No. 5-6, Anniv. Issue, Fall-Spring 1970-71 The Hierophant No. 7, The Resurrection Issue, 1975 The Hierophant No. 8, The Last Hierophant, 1980
Hocus Pocus 1978-07-1 1982-04-10 Hocus Pocus Dick Brooks New York Vol.1 No.1 - Vol.3 No. 1-6
Houdini Magic Magazine 1977-08-10 1978-03-10 Houdini Magic Magazine Gene Wright Englewood Cliffs, NJ Vol.1 No.1-3, Vol.2 No.1-2
Hugard's Magic Monthly 1943-06-10 1965-04-10 Edited by Jean Hugard Published from June 1943 to April 1965
Ibidem 1955-06-10 1979-04-10 Lyons, P. Howard's Magazine 1955 to 1979,
Illusionniste 1902-01-10 1999-01-10 Illusionniste, L' Maison Caroly Paris Still going???
Innovations 1972-01-10 1976-01-10 Innovations Derek Dingle No. 1-3
Interlocutor 1975-07-10 1988-01-10 Interlocutor Karl Fulves Teaneck, NJ 1-52
Invocation 1974-07-10 1978-04-10 Invocation Tony Raven Waldwick, NJ Vol.1-4
Jinx 1934-10-10 1941-12-15 Theodore Annemann Waverly, NY No.1-151
Kabbala 1971-09-10 1974-12-10 Jon Racherbaumer
KEY RING 1969-11-10 1969-12-10 THE KEY RING Published by Phil Goldstein. Waltham, MA. One page, mimeographed on one side only and measures 8 1/2x11. N1 (n.d.). Teenage/junior publication. Only one issue is confirmed. Issued as a Supplement to V8N3 (November 1969) of "The Silent Messenger [6260] and listed as "No. One". In Father Stephen Fernandes' Magazine Bibliography, it states: "Correspondence from Mr. Goldstein indicated this one issue constitutes a complete file."
Labyrinth 1994-01-10 2006-01-10 A Journal of Close-Up Magic released intermittently by Steve Hobbs
Legerdemain 1977-02-10 1981-08-10 Legerdemain John Fabjance Bethalto, IL Vol.1 - V.4
Linking Ring 1922-01-10 2070-01-10 IBM magazine
Looking Glass 1995-01-10 1997-01-10 The quarterly magazine by Kaufman, Hobbs, and Racherbaumer
M-U-M, New Series 1951-06-10 2020-01-10 Milbourne Christopher, et al. New York City M-U-M: Magic, Unity, Might (1911- , with interruptions and changes of title), the official organ of the Society of American Magicians need to verify start date
M-U-M. 1911-10-10 1927-07-10 Charles Roltare New York City
Maddock's Magic Searchlight 1919-10-10 1920-03-10 Maddock's Magic Searchlight A.H. Maddock Glasgow, Scotland Vol.1 1-6
Magazine of Magic 1914-10-10 1922-04-10 Magazine of Magic Will Goldston London Vol.1-9
MAGIC AROUND THE WORLD 1969-10-10 1972-09-10 MAGIC AROUND THE WORLD. Benjamin Kleinman and Tan Bah Chee. Singapore. Quarterly. Printed. 8.25 x 10.75. Complete file is 12 issues, V1: N1 (Oct/Dec 1969) through V3: N12 (Sep 1972).
Magic : The Magazine of Wonder 1910-01-10 1911-04-10 Magic : The Magazine of Wonder A.M. Wilson Kansas City, MO Vol.1 - Vol.3
Magic Bar & Grill 1995-10-10 2000-01-10 Bill Goldman's Magazine (not sure of end date)
Magic Cauldron 1962-02-10 1977-06-10 Magic Cauldron F. William Kuethe, Jr. Glen Burnie, MD No.1-64
Magic Circular 1906-07-10 2010-01-10 Magic Circular Nevil Maskelyne London, England v1 - V81+
Magic Key 1917-04-10 1918-06-10 The Magic Key H.F. Heith Carroll, Iowa Vol.1, Vol.2
Magic: AN INDEPENDENT MAGAZINE FOR MAGICIANS 1991-09-10 2025-01-10 Stan Allen Lakewood, CA
Magic Manuscript 1979-03-10 1990-11-10 Magic Manuscript published by Frazee's Magic and then by Tannen's Adam Fleischer - managaer, editor, writer, publisher, etc.
Magic Menu 1995-09-10 2000-08-10 Jim Sisti's Magazine The International Journal for Professional Restaurant and Bar Magicians
Magic Wand 1910-09-10 1957-12-10 The Magic Wand George McKenzie Munro, et al. London, England Vol.1-46; 1946/7, 1947/8
Magical Arts Journal 1986-08-10 1990-01-00 Michael Ammar and Adam J. Fleischer's Magazine Performance Material & Co-Publisher: Michael Ammar Editor-In-Chief, Art Director & Co-Publisher: Adam J. Fleischer Design Consultant: Phil Young Illustrator: Chris Kenner Portraitist: Dan Baxter Japanese Publisher: Ton Onosaka German Publisher: Harold Voit
Magical Review 1962-01-10 1963-01-10 Magical Review Max Underwood New Lexington, OH Vol.11-12; Vol.2.1
Magical World by Sterling 1910-11-20 1911-05-10 Magical World by Sterling (published in the UK). Edited by Max Sterling.
Magical World, New Series 1913-06-40 1914-02-40 The Magical World, New Series ran from June 4th, 1913 to February 4th, 1914. Volume One of the new series had 26 issues, Volume Two only had 10.
Magician Annual 1907-01-10 1915-01-10 The Magician Annual Will Goldston London, England 1907/08-1911/12, 1915/16
Magick by Bascom Jones 1970-07-17 1993-11-12 Magick is comprised of 496 issues with a special insert included with every other issue. The first one was published on July 17, 1970, the last published on November 12, 1993... there was a 497th issue published but this was not by Bascom but a blank edition published by a PEA member in honor of Bascom's passing ... on the back page in the place of Bascom's usual"The Mystic Word" column was a picture of Bascom (his well known logo) and the following: "Published No More Editor....Bascom Jones March 23, 1994 Dear Bascom, For 24 years you have filled our lives with magic. Thank you."
Magicol 1950-08-10 1952-08-10 Magicol
MAGIGRAM 1966-09-10 1995-02-10 MAGIGRAM. Ken DeCourcy (K. Tyler). Bideford, England. Supreme Magic. Bimonthly initially, later monthly. Printed. 8 x 10 initially, later 5.75 x 8.25. Complete file is 306 issues, V1: N1 (Sept/Oct 1966) - V27: N6 (Feb 1995).
Mahatma 1895-03-10 1906-02-10 Mahatma vol 1-9
Marlo's Magazine 1979-06-10 1988-02-10 Marlo's Magazine Vol 1 - 6
Minotaur 1988-11-10 2006-11-10 Marvin J. Leventhal and Daniel D. Harlan's Magazine Still publishing?
Modern Magi 1943-08-10 1956-07-10 The Modern Magi R.C. Buff Knoxville, TN Vol. 1 - 4
New Invocation 1979-10-10 1996-07-40 Tony Raven Waldwick, NJ No. 1 - 83
New Jinx 1962-04-10 1968-04-10 The New Jinx Wilfred (Bill) Madsen Boston, MA Vol.1-61-72
New Pentagram 1969-03-10 1989-02-10 Peter Warlock Bideford, England v.1-20
New Phoenix 1954-02-10 1965-10-10 Edtied by Jay Marshall, Don Tanner and Karl Fulves
New Tops 1961-01-10 1994-12-10 New Tops Neil Foster/Abbott's Magic Co. Colon, MI
Olram File 1990-12-10 1993-01-10 Executive Publisher: Edward Marlo Managing Publisher & Editor: Lee Freed Executive Editor: Jon Racherbaumer Published by The Cardician Press Need to verify end date
Pabular 1974-09-10 2001-01-10 Fred Robinson London, England Need to verify end date.
Pallbearers Review 1965-11-10 1975-10-10 Karl Fulves's Magazine
Pentagram 1946-10-10 1959-12-10 Peter Warlock
Penumbra 2002-05-10 2004-07-10 Published by Gordon Bean &Bill Goodwin
Phoenix 1942-02-10 1954-02-10 Walter B. Gibxon Editor Bruce Elliott Assistant Editor & Editor
Pierces Magic World 1917-04-15 1924-02-10 Dr. J.E. Pierce Philadelphia, PA V 1 - 7
Richard's Almanac 1982-09-10 1985-11-10 Richard's Almanac Richard Kaufman New York V1 - V3
Ruminations 1986-07-10 1988-01-10 Ruminations Steve Schneiderman Flushing, NY V1 - V2
Seance 1988-10-10 1990-07-10 The Quarterly Magazine Devoted to Spirit Magic by Scott Moore-Davis
Seven Circles 1931-04-10 1934-06-10 Seven Circles Walter Gibson Three Rivers, MI v.1-2, v.3-5
Sign of Exceptional Magic 1935-11-10 1936-04-15 Sign of Exceptional Magic Theodore Annemann Waverly, NY 1-6
S.O.B.Jr. 1970-01-10 1978-12-10 S.O.B.Jr. Lloyd Jones. Oakland, CA. Magic Limited. Monthly. Printed. 8.5 x 11. n.V., n.# (n.d. Jan '70) - n.V., n.# (Dec '78).
Sphinx 1902-03-10 1953-03-10 William Hilliar, et al. Chicago, IL v.1-52
Stanyon's Magic (1900-1914 1919-1920) 1900-10-10 1920-06-10 Ellis Stanyon London Vol.1- Vol.15 From When Ellis Stanyon suspended publication of "Magic" in 1914, the last issue was numbered Vol. 14 #11. When he resumed publication after the end of the war, he dated the first issue Sept. 1914-Sept.1919 and called it Vol. 1 #12. The next issue, Oct. 1919 was called Vol. 15 #1 and it ran regularly until it expired with Vol. 15 #9 (June 1920). Many contemporary collectors had Vol. 14 bound prior to 1919, and as a result omitted #12. When the magazine resumed publication, it was an easy matter to get the 9 copies of volume 15 and overlook completely the 12th issue of Vol. 14. Stanyon did little to help the situation when his ads read in 1919 that " a new volume (15) is now starting" and failed to indicate that Volume 14 was being completed at the same time. Consequently, although Vol. 14 #12 is nowhere near as scarce as certain others (Vol. 15 # 9 for example), many collectors my be missing that issue and not even realize it.
Sticks &Stones 1977-01-10 1978-12-10 Jon Racherbaumer's Magazine (1977-1978)
Swami Mantra 1972-01-10 1974-12-10 Sam Dalal Calcutta, India No. 1-36
Syzygy 1994-07-10 2007-01-10 Syzygy Lee Earle Phoenix, AZ
Tops 1936-01-10 1957-03-10 The Tops Percy Abbott Colon, MI Vol.1-22
Trapdoor 1983-01-10 1998-01-10 Steve Beam's Magazine
West Coast Quarterly 1984-11-10 1985-08-10 Earl Nelson's magazine (1984). Only two issues.
Wiegleb's Naturliche Magie 1782-01-10 1805-01-10 Wiegleb's Natirliche Magie (1782- 1805) Need to verify start and end
Wizard 1947-04-10 1956-07-10 The Wizard George Armstrong - Jack Lamonte Enfield, England
Wizard 1905-09-10 1910-08-10 The Wizard P.T. Selbit (P. Tibbles) London

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