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Magic Is Fun

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Magic Is Fun
Circulationfirst issue (of 100,000 copies)
PublisherD. Robbins & Company
First issueMarch 1946
Final issueDecember 1947
CountryNew York, USA
Magic Is Fun was a bi-monthly "Independent Magazine for the Amateur Magician", published by D. Robbins & Company in New York, that ran from March 1946 - December 1947.

The first issue (of 100,000 copies) payed tribute to the Houdini and contributions by Paul Benov, Al Davids, Alan Stuart, Jerry Smith, Guy Deforest, Robert Orben and Robert A. Nelson. It also contained a piece on Al Flosso.

Some magicians and magic organizations were in an uproar about a magazine sold to the public. By the end of 1946, Dave Robbins decided that issue No. 4 would be the last one to be sold on newsstands and that future issues would only be sold through subscriptions and by Magic dealers.

He was not able to make a profit this way and Dave Robbins in the final issue, No 7 wrote:

"Magical organizations wrote us letters protesting the sale of a Magic magazine on newsstands, claiming it would ruin the professional magicians, that we were unethical in selling it at newsstands. Some of the old, established magazines even refused to accept our ads of magical effects. We could have paid no attention to the protests, but on second thought, decided that perhaps it would be better to retain the good will of magical societies and publishers, so earlier this year 1947, we discontinued the newsstand sales of Magic is Fun. By printing only a small quantity of magazines, we found that subscriptions did not cover our costs. There was only one thing left to do . . . stop publishing"

Robbins found himself with many leftover issues, so he extracted various pages and re-issued them as the Magic Omnibook.