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Magicana (Woodfield)

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For other uses, see Magicana (disambiguation).
Magicana (Woodfield)
Magicana Conjurers.jpg
Within Conjurers' Magazine
First issue1946
Final issueApril, 1949

Magicana was a magic newsletter started by Bill Woodfield in 1946 as a "A Trade Paper for Magicians" when he was 18 at the encouragement of Walter Gibson, William Larsen, Sr. and Charlie Miller.

The first two issues of Magicana were published as a newsletter (four pages) of 1,500 each on May and June in 1946. They contained tricks, news and reviews.

The Conjurors' Magazine offered to publish his newsletter, beginning with Vol 3. No. 7 (Sept. 1947) issue, with complete editorial freedom inside to make Magicana "A Magazine Within a Magazine". Woodfield published a condensed version of his first two issue, which turned out to be the only one published inside of The Conjurors' Magazine.

Woodfield then made the same deal with Bill Larsen Sr. for Genii magazine. Bill promised total editorial Freedom and Magicana started running inside of Genii beginning in Vol. 12, No. 5 (January 1948) issue and continued until April, 1949 (for a total of 16 issues).
Inside Genii

In the Genii 1948 April and Genii 1948 May issues, Woodfield published his Magicana's Hall of Fame list of magicians.

Magicana New Series

Charlie Miller resurrected it as Magicana New Series, also still inside of Genii (as well as the Intermission column), starting on November 1964 calling it the "New Series". Magicana continued virtually uninterrupted until April 1978. This was the last of the "New Series", which was numbered #154 (which listed Elizabeth Wilson as the editor). A number of Charlie's later columns were ghosted by Elizabeth Wilson (wife of Ron Wilson) and Jules Lenier when Charlie was off on cruise ships.

The column had a two year hiatus until the January 1981 issue saw the return of Magician as a regular column (it was no longer numbered or considered a "magazine within a magazine".) From 1981 until September, 1987 Charlie's writings continued on a more or less regular basis, ghosted at various times by others, including James Patton and Johnny Thompson.

Magicana (Patton)

Beginning with February, 1989 issue James Patton officially took over the duties of the Magicana section within Genii. Patton ran the column until 1992.

Magicana (Giorgio)

Tony Giorgio was the next and final editor to take over the Magicana column in 1994.

Woodfield requested that Magicana, in a letter to the editor, that it finally be retired after 52 years of publication on August 1997.

Magicana (Kaufman)

When Richard Kaufman became the publisher/editor of Genii in 1998, he revived the Magicana section and began writing it himself. Earle Oakes was brought on as illustrator. David Acer took over writing Magicana starting with the May, 2005 issue.

Trick Index

Magicana in Genii (1948-1949)

  • 1, Jan. 1948 Match This by Joe Tershay
  • 2, Feb. 1948 Vaporus Aces - Stanley Collins, Dariel Fitzkee, Bill Woodfield
  • 3, Mar. 1948 Think
  • 4, Apr. 1948 Frank Shields' Ambitious Card Routine
  • 4, Apr. 1948 Your Card? by Steve Shepard
  • 5, May 1948 Table Magic as a Business by Jay Bedsworth
  • 6, June 1948 The Secrets of Henry Sing; Table Magic as a Business by Jay Bedsworth Part 2
  • 7, July 1948 Table Magic as a Business by Jay Bedsworth Part 3
  • 7, July 1948 The Card Between by Bill Woodfield
  • 8, Aug. 1948 Double Turn by Gerald Kosky
  • 8, Aug. 1948 Two For One
  • 8, Aug. 1948 Malini's Deck Vanish
  • 9, Sep. 1948 Bill Woodfield's No Hole "The Most Widely Discussed Trick of 1948"
  • 10, Oct. 1948 Henry Sings' Blindfold Poker Deal
  • 11, Nov. 1948 Lyle Carlyle Laughlin Discusses the Mexican Turnover
  • 11, Nov, 1948 Twin Location by Lyle Laughlin
  • 11, Nov, 1948 Stab Location by Bill Woodfield
  • 11, Nov, 1948 Larsen's Aces
  • 12, Dec. 1948 The Flippant Five by Bill O'Leary
  • 12, Dec, 1948 Cold Decking
  • 12, Dec, 1948 Think Jr, by Bill Woodfield
  • 12, Dec, 1948 Lazy?
  • 13, Jan. 1949 Black Jacked
  • 13, Jan, 1949 A Card Is Being Tom
  • 13, Jan, 1949 Cut Bridge
  • 13, Jan, 1949 Shuffle Bridge
  • 13, Jan, 1949 The Rubber Cut
  • 13, Jan, 1949 Hole Card Switch
  • 14, Feb. 1949 They'll All Say... You're a Genius! Emile Clifton's Experiment With the "15 Puzzle"
  • 15, Mar. 1949 The Perfect Card in the Envelope
  • 16, Apr. 1949 Match Interlude

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