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(Magicana 2002)
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**When They Were Kings by David Jade (cards)
**When They Were Kings by David Jade (cards)
**Instant Author by Eric Van Duzer (coloring book/children's magic)
**Instant Author by Eric Van Duzer (coloring book/children's magic)
*[[Genii 2010 October|October 2010]]
**No Magicana (special [[David Acer]] issue - 5 tricks included as part of this feature)
*[[Genii 2010 November|November 2010]]
**No Magicana (special [[Juan Tamariz]] issue - 3 tricks included as part of his feature)
*[[Genii 2010 December|December 2010]]
**Gifted by [[Jay Sankey]]
**The Flowering by [[Jamy Ian Swiss]]
**Invisibull by [[J.K. Hartman]]
**Thrustworthy by [[Ian Baxter]]
===Magicana 2011===
{{Youtube Thumb|9oXjudqNruM}}
*[[Genii 2011 January|January 2011]]
**'''Cartier by David Jade (see video on right)'''
**Burnin' Time by Jeff Stone
**Space Saver by Cameron Francis
**A.D.D. Aces by [[Joe Rindfleisch]]
**Mind Stunts #3: Tossed Out Rubik's Cube by [[Patrik Kuffs]]
*[[Genii 2011 February|February 2011]]
**No Assembly Required by [[David Neighbors]]
**Erdnase[squared] by Richard Hucko
**See It Slant by [[Robert E. Neale]]
**Movin' On Up Redux by Ryan Pilling and [[David Acer]]
**Mind Stunts #4: Drawing a Blank by [[Patrik Kuffs]]

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Magicana was a magic newsletter started by Bill Woodfield in 1946 as a "A Trade Paper for Magicians," and became part of Genii starting in 1948.

Charlie Miller took over and called it Magicana New Series from 1964 to 1978.

When Richard Kaufman became the publisher/editor of Genii in 1998, he revived the Magicana section and began writing it himself. Earle Oakes was brought on as illustrator. Joshua Jay guest-wrote one Magicana in 1999 (the August 1999 issue) before becoming the writer/editor of the Talk About Tricks column in MAGIC magazine. David Acer took over writing Magicana in 2005, starting with the May 2005 issue and continuing to this day.

Other guest writers for Magicana during the Kaufman era include The Flicking Fingers (August 2000), David Ben (August 2006), Jon Racherbaumer (August 2008) and David Regal (June 2009).

Magicana Columnists from 1998 to Present

  • ACER, David (Confessions of a Road Warrior) (21 columns that ran intermittently from February 2000 to September 2007. Counterposed anecdotes or road stories with close-up magic.
  • BRITLAND, David (Cardopolis). First column ran in February 2010. Card magic.
  • BURGER, Eugene (Our Magical Art). Theory. Column alternated between Magicana section (e.g., June 2000) and Intermission section (e.g., August 2002).
  • FARMER, Bob (Flim-FlaMagic). Close-Up/scams.
  • GOLDSTEIN, Phil (The Other Month). Mentalism.
  • JENNINGS, Larry (The Jennings Tapes), written by Richard Kaufman. Cards. Column debuted in the January 1999 issue. [from the column masthead] "Late at night, the great Larry Jennings would sit in his den and talk at length, explaining the ingenious magic he had created that day. Only a cassette recorder heard his words... Before dying in October 1997 he gave many of those tapes to your editor. Readers of Genii (his favorite magic magazine) now have a chance to eavesdrop on the thoughts and tricks of one of the most prolific and creative magicians of the latter half of the 20th century."
  • JERMAY, Luke (The New Mind). 6 columns that ran intermittently from July 2007 to January 2009. Mentalism.
  • KUFFS, Patrik (Mind Stunts). Mentalism. First column ran in the May 2010 issue.
  • LORAYNE, Harry (Hidden Gems). 12 installments that ran intermittently from the January 2007 issue to the March 2009 issue. Column focused on previously published tricks the author favored that might have been overlooked.
  • MAVEN, Max (Lost Horizons). Projected series along the lines of Harry Lorayne's Hidden Gems column, featuring a selection of previously published tricks the author favors that might have been overlooked. First installment ran in the January 2010 issue
  • ORLEANS, Danny (Pediatrix). Children's Magic/Theory. Alternated between Intermission section (e.g., Genii May 2001) and Magicana section (e.g., Genii June 2000).
  • RICHARDSON, Barrie (From My Thoughts). Mentalism
  • SANKEY, Jay (Sankey’s Secrets). Close-up. Three installments, all in 2003.
  • SCHNEIDER, Al (The Schneider Technique). Close-up magic.
  • SHERIDAN, Jeff (Sheridan Speaks!). Stand-Up/Street magic.
  • SOLOMON, Thomas (Diary of an Escape Artist)
  • SWAIN, James (The Card Expert). Card magic
  • WEBB, Gregg (The Webbmaster). Close-up/parlor/billiard-ball magic. Only contributor to date who illustrated his own column.


Magicana 1999

  • March 1999
    • No Magicana (special Genii Goes to London issue - 10 tricks included as part of the feature)

  • September 1999
    • Page 46: The Jennings Tapes: Dissertation on an Old Card Trick, Part 1 (Cards) (Larry Jennings)
    • Page 48: Sheridan Speaks!: The Interlocked Production of Cards AND Coins (Cards) (Jeff Sheridan)
    • Page 50: The Webbmaster: The Wand Spin and Vanish as a Color Change (Billiard Balls) (Gregg Webb)

Magicana 2000

  • May 2000
    • No Magicana (special Tokyo Magic issue - 16 tricks included as part of feature)
  • October 2000
    • No Magicana (Special Bizarre Magickana with Masklyn Ye Mage)

Magicana 2001

  • January 2001
    • B'Wave Be Wonderful: Or, How to Routine a Packet Trick By Just Alan
    • The Card Expert : Finale for The Collectors By James Swain
    • The Schneider Technique : Serpent String (A String that Unties Itself) By Al Schneider
    • The WebbMaster : A Second Beginning to a Ball Act - Billiard Balls No. 7 By Gregg Webb
    • Southern Key Tap By Roy Walton

  • April 2001
    • The Heinstein Shuffle By Karl Hein
    • A Twisted Tale By Roy Walton
    • The Schneider Technique : Much Ado About Knotting: Part Two By Al Schneider
    • The Webmaster : Merlinesque - A Dove Resurrection By Gregg Webb
  • July 2001
  • Special Hiro Sakai
    • Wand Mystery
    • Celebrity Torn and Restored Card
    • Pair-Card Mystery
    • Break a Leg
    • One-Man Self Levitation
  • September 2001
    • Alan Greenberg's Thumbtip Tip (Alan "Ace" Greenberg)
    • The Haversat Hinge: A One-Handed Double Lift (David Haversat)
    • McDonald's Aces Segue No.1 (Jim Morton)
      • Segue No.2 (John Henahan)
    • The Schneider Technique: Through the Eye of the Needle Version II (Al Schneider)
    • Confessions of a Road Warrior: Child's Play (David Acer and Jay Sankey)
    • Rawson Returns: Beginner's Luck, or Card Conjuring from A to B in One Easy Lesson (Clayton Rawson)
  • October 2001
    • Jet Coins By Fujii Akira
    • Sewn in Rome By Alain Lannone
    • The Fan Weave By Alex Elmsley
    • The Card Expert : Florida Roadkill By James Swain
    • The Other Month : Spot On By Phil Goldstein

Magicana 2002

  • March 2002
    • Kling-Klang (Donato Colucci)
    • The Left Handed Force (Patrick Page)
  • July 2002
    • The Schneider Technique : Coin Go (Al Schneider)
    • The Bammo Invertolator (Bob Farmer)
    • The Other Month : Caffeinomenon (Phil Goldstein)
    • EZ Estimation Aces (Jim Morton)
    • Disposable Milk Tumbler (Craig Matsuoka)
    • Pair Dance (Roy Walton)
  • November 2002
    • No Magicana (article on The Coin Mysteries of Dr. Sawa includes 6 tricks)

Magicana 2003

Magicana 2004

Magicana 2005

  • April 2005
    • No Magicana (special Romaine issue - 3 tricks included as part of his feature)

  • July 2005
    • Erdnase Sideways by Guy Hollingworth (cards) (see video on right)
    • Spellboundless by Jacky Kahan (coins)
    • Shrinkage by Matthew Bowden (cards)
    • The Mintalist by Andy Baroch (Listerine Pocket Packs/mint strips)
    • The Other Month: The Ruling Class by Max Maven
    • Conveyor Belt by Pete McCabe (cards)
  • September 2005 (A Daryl Magicana)
    • Diminishing Returns (bills)
    • The King of Queens (cards)
    • Money Transfer (coins)
  • October 2005
    • Flim FlaMagic: Mojo Boogie Boxes Two-Box Routine by Bob Farmer (coins/coin boxes)
    • Influential Choice by Ray Kosby (cards)
    • Broccoli and Carrot by Mike Allee (mentalism)
    • The Schneider Technique: A Marriage of Cards Al Schneider (cards)
    • Confessions of a Road Warrior: Baptism by Fire David Acer
      • Caffeine Overdose (coffe-cup wraps)
    • Moe's Memory by Karl Fulves (cards)
  • December 2005
    • Triangulation by Camille Gastine (coins)
    • The Schneider Technique: Five Steps to Mastery by Al Schneider (essay)
    • The Draun Control by Steve Draun (cards)
    • A Hundred Fold by Pete McCabe (bills)
    • The Card Expert: Expulsion of Aces by Jim Swain (cards)

Magicana 2006

  • May 2006
    • One Face South by Bob Farmer (cards)
    • Strange Attractors by Reed McClintock (coins)
    • The Card Expert: Showdown by Jim Swain (cards)
    • Edible Elastic by Matthew Dowden (rubber band)
    • Cardboard Metamorphosis by Rob James (cards)
    • Confessions of a Road Warrior: Rematch by David Acer (matches/matchbook)
    • Weird Bob Farmer Thing, Piece 4 by Bob Farmer
  • June 2006: A Jack Parker One-Man Magicana by David Acer (all cards)
    • Oddservation
    • Traveling Without Moving
    • On, In and Under
    • Remote Control
    • No Fuss
    • All That Jazz
    • Rabbits
    • Labelled a Cheat
    • Altered States
  • July 2006
    • Constant Returns by Brian Nordstrom
    • Simplified Swain, Plus by Harry Lorayne (cards)
    • The Other Month: Cache by Max Maven (cards)
    • The Schneider Technique: Wedding Ring Thing by Al Schneider (finger ring)
    • The Webbmaster: Close-Up Parasol Act by Gregg Webb (drink parasols)
    • Flim-FlamMagic: Bummer by Bob Farmer

  • September 2006
    • The Evolution of Coins Across (Jonathan Townsend)
    • Jon's Coins Across (Jonathan Townsend)
  • October 2006
    • Razor Burn (Eric Leclerc) (see video on right)
    • Progressive Wild Coin by Nathan Kranzo (coins) (see video on right)
    • Color Sunder by Hiro Sakai (cards) (see video on right)
    • How Fortunate! Jay Sankey (fortune cookies)
    • Cued by John Hostler (toothpicks)
    • The Card Expert: Las Vegas Count/Brothers in Arms by Jim Swain (cards)
    • Ultimate Poker Interchange—A Thought by J.K. Hartman (cards)
  • November 2006
    • Box O' Plenty by Camille Gastine (coins/coin box)
    • Confessions of a Road Warrior: Cellular Production by David Acer (cell phone)
    • Hew by Hue by J.K. Hartman (cards)
    • Burgoon's Balloons by Tom Burgoon (animal balloons)
    • The Schneider Technique: Intention of Reality by Al Schneider (essay)
    • George of the Jumble by Thom Peterson (bills)
  • December 2006
    • The Ring by Brian Nordstrom (finger ring and rope)
    • About Face by Richard Hucko (cards)
    • Invisible Touch by Patrik Kuffs (mentalism)
    • The Schneider Technique: Squeeze Al Schneider (coin)
    • Changing of the Cards by Dr. Giorgio Tarchini (cards)

Magicana 2007

  • January 2007
    • Hidden Gems #1: Peek Lap by Harry Lorayne (cards)
    • The Almighty Dollar by Nick D’Angelo (pencil/bill)
    • Word Play by Josh Mandel (Post-It Notes)
    • The Vanishings by Adam Keisner (coins)
    • Clones by Gene Maze (cards)
  • June 2007: A Jack Parker Magicana by Richard Kaufman (all cards)
    • Reloaded
    • Final Palm
    • The Three Stooges
    • Detour (Oddservation Redux)
    • Ouroboros
    • The Third Time's The Charm
    • Revolutionary Card
  • July 2007
    • The New Mind #1: Book Test by Luke Jermay (book)
    • Band Together by David Widener (rubber bands)
    • Salary Cap by Bill Duncan (coin/pen)
    • Hidden Gems #3: The (N)Eye(N) Popper by Harry Lorayne (cards)
  • August 2007 (A Pete Biro Magicana)
    • Card In Balloon
    • Bongers/Biro Poker Stunt
    • Comedy Egg Juggling
    • Biro's One Piece Diminishing Cards
    • Chop Glass
    • The Ring on Wineglass
    • Working Without a Net

Magicana 2008

  • April 2008
    • Copper/Silver Light by Giacomo Bertini (coins)
    • Time After Time by Tomas Blomberg (cards)
    • The Appearing Sharpie by Cameron Francis (Sharpie) (see video on right)
    • Hidden Gems #9: The Riffle Diffle by Harry Lorayne (cards)
    • Cellular Divination Francis McAllister (cell phone/mentalism)
    • The New Mind #5: Giant Shoulders by Luke Jermay (mentalism)
    • Hartman on Radical Hold'em by J.K. Hartman (cards)
  • August 2008: An All Ed Marlo Magicana by Jon Racherbaumer (all cards)
    • 22 Cozy Card To Case
    • 23 The Princess Killer
    • 26 Marlo's Aces
    • 28 Smyth Bliss
    • 30 Leipzig Would Have Loved This!

Magicana 2009

  • February 2009 • A Hiro Sakai Magicana
    • Currency Swap (coin/bill)
    • Quiet Revolution (cards)
    • The Bill Doctor (bill)
    • YKK (cards)
    • Balloon Bank Nite (balloons/bill)
    • The Strange Pass (cards)
    • The Uncluttered Mind (cards/paper bag)
  • March 2009
    • Interplay by Bro. John Hamman (cards/packet trick)
    • Tossed Out Time by Anthony Lindan (paper/watch/mentalism)
    • Detachable Digit by Duc Nhien (fingers)
    • Hidden Gems #12: Darn! I Couldn't... by Harry Lorayne (cards)
    • The Fulcrum Vanish by Matthew Dowden (coin)
    • Fresh Gilbreath by Dr. Giorgio Tarchini (cards)

  • May 2009
    • Signed Quarter In Balloon by Michel Huot (coin/balloon)
    • Totally Under Control by Scott Robinson (cards)
    • Money Where Your Mouth Is by Daniel J. Millstein (bills)
    • Until You're Blue in the Face by Jack Parker (cards)
  • June 2009: A Wayne Houchin Magicana by David Regal
    • Jury Duty
    • Match Bite (wooden match)
    • Twisting the Aces (cards/packet trick)
    • Expectation
    • Toothpick Swallowing (toothpick)
    • WH Ring String (finger ring/string) (see video on right)
  • July 2009 • A Shiv Duggal Magicana
    • Unfair Trade (cards)
    • Cash In Hand (coins)
    • Reorient Express (cards)
    • Exchange of Wealth (coins)
    • Vice Versa (cards)
  • August 2009
    • Double Stuff by Pete McCabe (cookie) (see video on right)
    • Matchmaker by Per Strandberg (cards)
    • Four Gone Conclusion by Jacky Kahan (card/coins)
    • Real-Life Nightshades by Dylan Gelinas (sunglasses)
    • Super Collectors by Doc Docherty
  • October 2009
    • No Magicana (special THE JINX: 75th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION issue - over a dozen tricks included as part of this feaure)
  • December 2009
    • Holiday Miracle by David Acer (Christmas-tree lightbulb)
    • Business Burn by Cameron Francis (business cards)
    • Up The Farmyard Path by Jack Parker (cards)
    • Hypercube by Eric Leclerc (Rubik's Cube)
    • The Schneider Classic Force by Al Schneider (cards)

Magicana 2010

  • January 2010
    • Kentucky Fried Aces by Jack Parker (cards) (see video on right)
    • Stigmata by Ian Kendall (coin)
    • Scribbles of Destiny by Jeff Prace (iPhone)
    • Silly String of Death by Stephane Bourgoin (Silly String/mentalism/kidshows)
    • Three Chances to be Lucky by Pete McCabe (cards)
  • February 2010
    • The Secret Life of Matches by Christian Engblom (matches/matchbox)
    • Cardopolis 1 by David Britland (cards)
    • The Choices We Can't See by Brian Miller (coins)
    • Decrypt Keeper by Jamie Daws (cell phone/mentalism)

  • May 2010
    • Breathless by Brian Roberts (Listerine Pocket Paks) (see video on right)
    • Squancho 2.0 by Bedros Akkelian and David Acer (cards)
    • The Sorting Hat by Carl Dreher (paper clips/baseball caps/children's magic)
    • Leading by Example by Michel Huot (cards)
    • Mind Stunts #1: Any Card at Any Numbered Envelope by Patrik Kuffs (cards/mentalism)
  • June 2010
    • Lucky Thirteen by Harry Lorayne (cards)
    • The Vietnam Trick Revisited by Jim Swain (cards)
    • Will The Socks Match? by Scott Strange (packet trick/novelty cards)
    • Shape Up and Shape Down by Peter Lamont (cards/mentalism)
  • July 2010
    • No Magicana (special Tom Stone issue - 7 tricks and essays included as part of his feature)

  • August 2010
    • Post That! by Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian (cards)
    • Death By Peanut by Brian Roberts (peanuts)
    • Progressive Inversion by Laurent van Trigt (cards)
    • Add-A-Number iPhone by Paul Spring (iPhone)
    • Mind Stunts #2: Step-By-Step Brainwave by Patrik Kuffs (cards/mentalism)
  • September 2010
    • Bermuda Triangle by Yannick Lacroix (coins) (see video on right)
    • Predictable by Alan Rorrison (cards/mentalism)
    • Baby Hugh-y by Marc DeSouza (comedy mentalism)
    • When They Were Kings by David Jade (cards)
    • Instant Author by Eric Van Duzer (coloring book/children's magic)

Magicana 2011

  • January 2011
    • Cartier by David Jade (see video on right)
    • Burnin' Time by Jeff Stone
    • Space Saver by Cameron Francis
    • A.D.D. Aces by Joe Rindfleisch
    • Mind Stunts #3: Tossed Out Rubik's Cube by Patrik Kuffs