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Magicana Tricks On Youtube

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Magicana Tricks On Youtube are some tricks from Genii's Magicana that have been posted on Youtube. Feel free to add any others you know of, or record yourself performing a trick, sleight, or routine you learned from Magicana, post it on Youtube, then update this list.

If you're interested in something you see on Youtube from the list below, back issues are available for the price of a single-trick download by clicking the link at the top of this page.

See also Magicana Kaufman.


Genii 2010 January


Genii 2009 September

Genii 2009 August

Genii 2009 June

Genii 2009 January




  • Genii, June, 2006 • Jack Parker's "Oddservation" (an observation test with eight regular cards drawn from any deck that includes several transpositions and transformations):




  • Genii, December, 2003 • Jean-Pierre Vallarino's "Hypnotic Rumba Count," a variation of his Rumba Count that shows the faces of only two cards while apparently showing all the faces in a four-card packet (shown here at the beginning of his marketed trick, "Carre Blanc"):


  • Genii, August, 2002 • David Acer & Richard Sanders' "Splittant," a variation of a Looy Simonoff's Flippant that creates the illusion of splitting one card, like a red Four, into two constituent cards, like two red Twos:



  • Genii, May, 2000 • Tomo Maeda's "Human Cannonball," performed by Evan Shuster. A chosen card vanishes in a flash of fire from between two jokers that have been rolled and rubber-banded into a tube (or "cannon"). The selection is found inside a sealed envelope at which the "cannon" was aimed:


  • Genii, June, 1999 • Jay Sankey's "Leaving Home" (the magician removes a knotted loop of string with a key on it from around his neck, then magically unlinks and relinks the key):
  • Genii, November, 1992 • Jean-Pierre Vallarino's Rumba Count (featured in Gary Ouellet's Fulminations column), a false count that allows you to show the faces of all the cards in a small packet as being identical, when in fact they are all different (shown and cued here during a performance of Darwin Ortiz's "Jumping Gemini"):
  • Genii, August, 1992 • Popeye (featured in Gary Ouellet's Fulminations column), performed here on a Penn & Teller special. An impromptu dinner-table gag in which you apparently jam a fork into your eye, causing it to explode in a spray of white goo:


  • Genii, May, 1988 • Gary Ouellet's "Silverdust" (a sprinkle of silver glitter shaken from a clear salk-shaker converges into a silver dollar, which vanishes once more to the glitter from whence it came):