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Magicpedia:Books/Card Plots

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This user book is a user-generated collection of articles that can be easily saved, rendered electronically, and ordered as a printed book. If you are the creator of this book and need help, see Help:Books.

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Card Plots

1002nd Aces
Ace Assembly
Collins' Aces
A Dream of Aces
Exclusive Coterie
Jazz Aces
MacDonald's Aces
O'Henry Four Aces
Open Travelers
Progressive Aces
Royal Assembly
Stencel's Aces
21 Card Trick
Aces & Kings Transposition
Aces to Order
Acrobatic Jacks
All Backs
Ambitious Card
Any Card At Any Number
Between Your Palms
Birds of a Feather
Calculating Deck
Call to the Colors
Cannibal Cards
Card on Ceiling or Wall
Card Revelation
Card Stabbing
Card Tapping
Card Through Handkerchief
Card Warp
Cards across
Cards Through Table
Cards to Pocket
Clock Trick
Color Changing Card
Color Changing Deck
Cutting the Aces
Dead Man's Hand
Diamond Cut Diamond
Diminishing Cards
Do As I Do
Do as I Do, You Can't
Dr. Daley's Last Trick
Dunbury Delusion
Elongated Lady
Escorial 76
Everywhere and Nowhere
Fingerprint Card Trick
Follow the Leader
Four Ace Productions
Four Burglars
Fred Trick
General Card
Gilbreath Principle
Haunted Deck
Homing Card
Hotel Trick
Invisible Deck
Lie Detector
Linking Cards
Milton Aces
Multiple Card Discoveries
Mutus Nomen Dedit Cocis
Odd Card
Oil and Water
Optical Illusion Card Trick
Out of Sight-Out of Mind
Out of This World
Phantom Card Trick
Phoenix Card
Piano Card Trick
Point Of Departure
Princess Card Trick
Remember and Forget
Repeat Three Jack Deal
Roll-Over Aces
Royal Marriages
Six Card Repeat
Soldier's Prayer Book
Solid Deception
Spectator Cuts to the Aces
Stop Trick
Sympathetic Cards
Ten Card Poker Deal
Ten Card Trick
The Trick That Cannot Be Explained
Think of a Card
Three-Card Monte
Topological Card Magic
Torn and Restored Card
Twenty-Five Card Trick
Twisting the Aces
Two Card Monte
Ubiquitous Card
Universal Card
Vanishing Deck
Vernon's Aces
Wild Card