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Magic Organizations

52 Plus Joker
Aberdeen Magical Society
Academy of Magical Arts
Academy of Magicians
Academy of the Art of Magic
All India Magic Circle
Amateur Magicians Correspondence Club
Armed Forces Magicians Association
Asian Magicians Association
Association Syndicale des Artistes Prestidigitateurs
Associação Portuguesa de Ilusionismo
Australian Magicians' Club
Australian Society of Magicians
Better Magic Club
Blackpool Magician Club
British Magical Society
British Ring
Brotherhood American Tricksters
Brotherhood of Magicians
Canadian Association Of Magicians
Cardiff Magical Society
Catholic Magicians' Guild
Cercle Magique
Chicago Magicians Club
Cincinnati Academy of Magic and Allied Sciences
Clube Ilusionista Fenianos
Combined Magical Clubs of America
Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
Conjurers' Club
Conjuring Arts Research Center
Council of Nine
Delta Group
Demons Club
Desert Magic Seminar
Disciples of Osiris
Doctor Wilson Magical Society
Equality Magicians Club of America
Fellowship of Christian Magicians
Flying Sorcerers
Forth Valley Magic Circle
Future American Magical Entertainers
Golden Gate Assembly
Hocus Pocus Project
Hocus Pocus Society
Hollywood Mystic 27
Houdini Club
The Houdini Magical Fraternity
Hull Magicians' Circle
IBM Ring 1
Imperial Order of Magicians
IMPS (Sydney)
Independent Magical Performers Society
Indiana Society of Magicians
Institute of Magicians
International Alliance of Magicians
International Association of Magicians
International Brotherhood of Magicians
International Club of Magic
International Guild of Prestidigitators
International Magic Circle
International Magicians Society
International Mentalists Association
International Society of Conjurors
International Society of Junior Magicians
Invisible Lodge
Israeli Society for Promoting the Art of Magic
James Randi Educational Foundation
Japan Close-up Magicians' Association
Knights of Magic
Lads of Legerdemain
Latin American Federation of Magic Societies
Leamington and Warwick Magic Society
Leeds Magical Society
London Society of Magicians
Long Beach Mystics
Los Angeles Roundtable
Los Angeles Society of Magicians
Los Magicos
Magic Academy of Sweden
Magic Circle
Magic Circle of Egypt
Magic Club of America
Magic Club of Vienna
Magic Collectors' Association
Magic Dealers Association
Magic Dungeon Academy
Magic Mystic Fraternity
Magic Organizations
The Magic Wand Correspondence Club
Magical Youths International
Magicana (organization)
Magician Alliance of Eastern States
Magician's Advisory Service
Magician's Guild
Magician's Guild of America
Magicians Guild of America
Magicians' Club
Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland
Magyar Amateur Magusok Egyesulete
Mahatma Magic Circle
Malayan Magic Circle
Merlin Magical Society
Monday Mystics
Mysteria Club
Mystic 52
Mystic Thirteen
Mystic Twelve
Mystic Twelve (Thayer)
National Association of Magical Societies
National Conjurers Association
New England Magic Collectors Association
New England Magicians Conference
New York Magic Table
New York School for Magicians
Nottingham Guild of Magicians
Oakland Magic Circle
Omaha Magical Society
Order of the Magi
P. A. L. M.
Pacific Coast Association of Magicians
Pacific Coast Society of Magicians
Paisley Magic Circle
Pentacle Club
Performing Magician's Association
Pittsburgh Association of Magicians
Portsmouth and District Magic Circle
Project Magic
Psychic Entertainers Association
Pyramid Magic Club
Queen City Mystics
Quicker Than The Eye Magic Club
Rhode Island Society of Magicians
Robert Houdin Club
Scottish Association of Magical Societies
Scottish Conjurers Association
The Second Deal
Sheffield Circle of Magicians
Shore City Magicians Club
Silver Wand Club
Sleight-of-Hand Artists Club
Society of American Amateur Magicians
Society of American Magicians
Society of Canadian Magicians
Society of Detroit Magicians
Society of Modern Mystics
Society of Osiris Magicians
Society of Professional Magicians
Society of The Sphinx
Society of Toledo Magicians
Society of Turkish Magicians
Society of World Deaf Magicians
Society of Young Magicians
Spokane Mystic Club
Swedish Magic Circle
Syndicat International des Artistes Prestidigitateurs
The Teen-Age Magicians of America
Texas Association of Magicians
The Magicians' League of America
The Mystics
The Secret Clan
Trick of the Month Club
Ulster Society of Magician
Universal Society of Magicians
Virginia Magic Society
Washington Wizards
Windsor Magic Circle
Witchdoctor's Club
The Wizard's Club
World Alliance of Magicians
World Magic Summit
World Wide Magicians Society
Yogi Club
Yogi Magic Club
Young Magicians of America
Zodiac Magical Society