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Magicpedia:Mirrors and forks

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Mirrors and forks of MagicPedia are publications that mirror (copy exactly) or fork (copy, but change parts of the material) MagicPedia. Many correctly follow the licensing terms; however, many others fail to put the notice or proper attribution.

Such pages are listed below in alphabetical order. If you find such links, feel free to add them there. If they also violate Wikipedia's license. They can be reported here:

Mirrors and forks are not reliable sources and may not be listed as external links in articles.

Non-compliance process

For any website which that is not followed licensing terms specified under the MagicPedia:Policy, can be notified by any person willing to do so.

Note that MagicPedia does not give legal advice. Contributors retain their own copyright for submitted work.

If you do contact a website about infringement relating to work originally submitted to MagicPedia, please note it below. Doing this will help co-ordinate activities in helping other websites become compliant with our license, without webmasters feeling harassed by lots of angry no compliance notices.

You may want to consider using a disposable e-mail address for this: since many of the websites listed here are built for advertising purposes, spamming is a possibility. Also, if the owner is planning to shut down the webpage, or remove the content as a whole, suggest to them that they use robots.txt or meta tags so we can remove and prevent future search engine indexing and caching for those websites. Also, if the owner is reachable, suggest that s/he update her/his Wiki with the latest database dumps to keep up with recent

This is not an official guideline but a tool you can use for dealing with infringement. Continue the series below as long as the site is non-compliant. Note that you must choose only pages for which you hold (partial) copyright.

  • Notify the site owner that he is in copyright violation.
  • Send a DMCA takedown notice to the ISP, enumerating articles that infringe your copyright. Note separately that the site also violates the copyrights of others. To find the appropriate address, first search the ISP's website. To find the ISP, you can: enter the domain name in the DNS search at, then click the IP. First search the ISP's site for a legal address. If that doesn't work, try to look them up at . If they're not in the directory, send the notice to the abuse address. Note that sites are not legally required to accept DMCA notices. If they don't the only recourse is legal action. A sample letter can be found on Wikipedia at

Mirrors and forks

Add sites suspected of being non-compliant here:

  • URL:
  • Sample:
  • Details: Imported over 1,000 magicpedia articles. No attribution provided on each page.
  • Contact info: webmaster AT
  • Actions: Informed administrator on his user's talk page


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