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Max Katz

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Max Katz
BornMax Katz
February 12, 1891
DiedMarch 31, 1965 (age 74)
New York

Max Katz (1891-1965) was born in Austria. He arrived in the United States when he was only three and was raised in New York City. Growing up, Max was fascinated with mental puzzles, mathematics, chess and magic. He became a certified public accountant, eventually retiring as head of "Katz, Zuckerman and Company".


During World War I, Katz helped decipher codes and taught the subject at Hunter College in New York City.

An avid amateur magician, he won the The James B. Luke Canadian Trophy for the best card trick in 1961.

He contributed effects to magazines including Hugard's Magic Monthly, The Linking Ring and MUM. His effect The M. K. Turning Aces (In HMM, Vol. 15, No. 4, sept. 1957, p. 37) inspired many other packet tricks at its time. He served as President of the Parent Assembly (New York City) of The Society of American Magicians and of the Knights of Magic.

He also introduced and mentored his grandson Ricky Jay in magic.[1]

Katz is not to be confused with Max Malini who was born Max Katz-Breit.


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