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Mexican Turnover

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Mexican Turnover is a card sleight that secretly exchanges a card on a table while being flipped over with a card in the hand.

In volume 4 of Card College, Giobbi mentions this move "is rumored to come directly from the streets, where it was said to be used by Three Card Monte operators to separate reckless and unwary passersby from their money."

Giobbi's source is Roterberg's "New Era Card Tricks", although Giobbi also states "Roterberg's source for the sleight, however, is almost certainly Friedrich W. Conradi's "Der moderne Kartenkunstler", published a year earlier (1896) in Dresden, Germany." Conradi described the so called "Mexican Turnover" in "Der moderne Kartenkunstler" on page 16 under the "English" title THE AMERICAN STRONG TRICK, and wrote that to his knowledge the sleight came from America.

In Print

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