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Mis-Made Flag

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Mis-Made Flag is a sucker type effect in which three handkerchiefs, red, white and blue, are shown. The handkerchiefs are picked up and placed into a tube (or sometimes a change bag). The red silk "accidentally" drops to the floor while the performer fails to notice it, usually to the delight of the audience. After explaining that the three handkerchiefs will be changed into an American flag, he starts to pull the flag out, blue field first, but surprises the audience when the flag appears with the red stripes are missing. The magician tries again with the red handkerchief this time and it all comes out right in the end.

Published in Thayer's Magical Bulletin Vol 3, No. 1 (January 1915) as "HOW I WORK THE DYEING TUBE" by P. B. DesRochers, owing the credit for the idea of the fake flag to Carl S. Lohrey.

Described as the "Mismade Flag", with credit to Lohrey, in the Sphinx December, 1919, page 241.