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Misty Lee

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Misty Lee
BornMount Clemens, Michigan


Misty Lee (born in Mount Clemens, Michigan) is an American professional magician. She has also worked as an improv comedian and a voice actress for several animated cartoons.


Misty Lee spent most of her childhood in Detroit, which she credits as inspiration for her unique sense of humor and interest in magic. Before her calling as a magician, Lee trained in dentistry. At the age of sixteen, she discovered her interest in magic, which quickly took its hold on her.

Lee is married to animation producer and comic book author Paul Dini, with whom she lives in Los Angeles. Lee and Dini were featured on a 2012 episode of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan, in which they received help with the behavior of their two dogs, Mugsy and Deuce.

She is fluent in American Sign Language and has worked as a theatrical sign interpreter for Michigan State University.

In 2013, Lee wrote and starred in a short PSA on behalf of the Domestic Violence Hotline. Titled “Escape,” the video is a “love letter to [her] mother,” who endured years of verbal abuse.

Her onstage performances blend theater, song, and sleight of hand. She has appeared (as herself) in several comic books, and is a co-creator (and also the voice) of Dinicartoons character Little Rashy. Lee's first venture into magic came when a former high school friend called her and asked if she would like to earn some money as an assistant in his magic act. She was later mentored by some of the leading names in professional magic, including Detroit-based magician Scorpio and illusionist Jonathan Pendragon.

In addition to magic, Lee is a prolific voice actor, appearing in award-winning video games such as The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, Disney Infinity, and more. She currently provides the voice of Aunt May Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man, which airs on Disney XD. At Comic-Con International, Lee designed and taught custom effects to celebrity host and presenters for the “Magic of Comics” themed awards show.

Lee studied and performed both sketch and musical improv comedy at The Second City in Los Angeles.

She plays the character Misty Hannah in the backstory to Ingress.

In 2010, Lee became a staff Séance Medium at Hollywood's Magic Castle, where she regularly performs Houdini Séances. She is the first female magician in history to hold this position.

Lee was admitted into the Institute for Analytic Interviewing. Under the training of “Truth Wizard” J.J.Newbury, and alongside agents from the CIA, ATF, and Scotland Yard, Lee mastered the art of Cognitive interview techniques, giving her the nickname of "Human Lie Detector."


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