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Modern Card Tricks Without Apparatus

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Modern Card Tricks Without Apparatus
AuthorWill Goldston
Publication Date1915

Modern Card Magic Without Apparatus by Will Goldston.

It contained a few of Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser's card tricks including Everywhere and Nowhere. This book may be the first English book to include Hofzinser material. Goldston claims that he was taught them by Georg Heubeck, a pupil of Hofzinser, but it probably would have been easier to translate the Kartenkünste (1910) by Ottokar Fischer (later published as Hofzinser's Card Conjuring) unless there were copyright problems.


  • Cut the Cards
  • Where Will You Have It ?
  • The Card that does a Turn
  • Tricks with a Pre-arranged Pack
  • Telling the Number of Cards in the
  • Hand by the Weight
  • Thought-Reading with a Medium
  • Odd or Even ?
  • Blindfolding the Cards
  • The Magnetic Aces
  • The Jumping Card
  • In the Dark
  • " Flight "
  • The Sympathetic Couple
  • The Giddy Card
  • The Twelve Card Trick
  • The Mysterious Pair
  • Change Over
  • The Aviator's Cards
  • The Invisible Flight
  • Cards and Cigar Box
  • Thought-Reading with Eight Cards
  • The Card and Pocket Mystery
  • The Three Card Trick
  • The Mexican Turn Over
  • A Thought-Reading Trick with the Whole Pack
  • Another Thought-Reading Trick with One Card
  • " Find It Yourself "
  • Tearing a Pack in Half
  • The Boomerang Card
  • How to Throw a Card
  • To Cause Five Cards to Vanish and Re-appear
  • Red or Black ?
  • A Novel Discovery
  • Cards Caught in the Air
  • To Make a Card Travel Invisibly from one Hand to the Other
  • The Three Heaps
  • The Four Aces
  • "Esscee " Four Aces Experiment
  • The Tables Turned
  • The Disc of Cards
  • The " Stanley Collins " Card Slip
  • The Concertina Pack
  • The Vanishing and Appearing Pip
  • A Safe Force
  • The " A.P." Force
  • Whistle
  • A Quick Card Finding Trick
  • New Playing Cards
  • The Balancing Card
  • Gravity Defied
  • A Good Deception
  • The Hofzinser Section
    • Instructions for Presenting
    • The Sympathetic Numbers
    • Like Thoughts
    • Thought Transmission
    • The Four Eights
    • Everywhere and Nowhere