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New York Coin Magic Seminar DVD

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New York Coin Magic Seminar DVD is a 16 volume set based on the New York Coin Magic Seminar.

Beginning in 2005, David Roth, Dr. Michael Rubinstein, Mike Gallo and Geoff Latta, produced a yearly series of DVDs on coin magic. To date, there have been 16 volumes (17 discs), with over 34 hours and 225 routines.

Contained within these volumes are new plots, moves, routines, stand up, sit down, gaffs, no gaffs, discussions, workshops, and bonus material by Roth, Rubinstein, Gallo, Latta, along with Kainoa Harbottle, Giacomo Bertini, Scotty York, Al Schneider, Bob Fitch, Eric DeCamps, Doug Brewer, Eric Jones, Bill Citino, Scott Robinson, Dan Watkins, Victor Trabucco, Jean Emmanuel Franzis, and Marc DeSouza.



Disc 1 1. Winged Silver (Roth) 2. Chink-A-Chink (Roth) 3. Shell Coins Across (Roth) 4. Chanin Coin Production (Roth) 5. Victor Coins across (Roth) 6. Retro Fly (Rubinstein) 7. Impossible 4 Coin Trick v 1 (Rubinstein) 8. Impossible 4 coin Trick v 2 (Rubinstein) 9. Long Term, Short Term (Rubinstein) 10. The Specciolini Brothers v 1 (Rubinstein) 11. The Specciolini Brothers v 2 (Rubinstein) 12. Slippery Silver (Latta) 13. Not So Slippery Silver (Latta) 14. M.A.Y.B..A.L.I.N.E. (Latta) 15. Trick With Three Coins (Latta) 16. Technical Handling of Three Fly (Latta) Disc 2 1. Han Ping Chien-less (Gallo) 2. B.O.B. (Gallo) 3. Easy Coins Across (Gallo) 4. Sliding Eagles (Gallo) 5. Coins Into Spectator's Hands (Gallo) 6. Another Flipping Three Fly (Harbottle) 7. Punctuated Equilibrium Coins Across (Harbottle) 8. Deja Flew (Harbottle) 9. Deja Flew 2 (Harbottle) BONUS 1. Panel Discussion on the history of the fingertip coins across 2. Panel Discussion on Coins Across 3. R.O.P.S. Discrepancy Count 4. Perfect Coins Across (Rubinstein) 5. Roth on the Shuttle Pass 6. Roth on the Champagne Glass Concealment 7. Rubinstein on the Purse Palm 8. Latta on the Han Ping Chien 9. Latta with a Bonus Coins Across 10. Gallo on the Spider Grip 11. New York Coin Magic Seminar montage


1. Twilight Zone Wild Coin (Rubinstein) 2. The Merlini Purse Routine (Rubinstein) 3. Wild Coin (Roth) 4. Wild Coin with a Purse (Roth) 5. Workers Wild Coin (Roth) 6. Wild Coin (Gallo) 7. Wild Coin 2 (Gallo) 8. Wild Coin 3 (Gallo) 9. Cop Sil Brass (Latta) 10. Copper Sandwhich (Rubinstein) 11. Triple Change (Roth) 12. 2 Copper 1 Silver Transpostion (Gallo) BONUS 1. Wild Pocket (Harbottle) 2. Copper Silver Coins across (Latta) 3. Wild Coin Discussion (Gallo) 4. Wild coin Alternate Handling (Gallo)

VOLUME THREE - Copper Silver

1. Silver Lint 4 (Rubinstein) 2. Triple EG Spell (Rubinstein) 3. 4 Change Spellbound (Gallo) 4. The Substitution Trunk Mystery (Rubinstein) 5. A Trio of Effects (Rubinstein) a. Copper of Silver Extraction b. Silver Penetration c. Transposition with a Spectator 6. Four Phase Routine with a Hankerchief (Roth) 7. Which Way Wild (Gallo) 8. The Purse and the Glass (Roth) 9. Purse, Coins, No Glass (Latta) 10. Instant Purse, Coins, No Glass (Gallo) BONUS 1. Three coin Transposition (Gallo) 2. Chocolate Coins (Rubinstein) 3. Werewolf Coins (DeSouza) 4. One Hand Coin Switches Discussion (Roth) 5. Which Way Wild Alternative handling (Gallo)

VOLUME FOUR - Copper Silver

1. Kaps Matting Copper Silver (Rubinstein) 2. Standup Copper Silver Routine 1 (Rubinstein) 3. Standup Copper Silver Routine 2 (Rubinstein) 4. Fourgone Copper Silver (Rubinstein) 5. Seated Copper Silver Transposition (Rubinstein) 6. Copper Silver Classic (Roth) 7. Gold Kaps (Gallo) 8. The One dollar Trick (Presto Chango) (Gallo) 9. Fisted (Latta) 10. Sun and Moon (Latta) 11. Deep Back Clip Copper Silver (Latta) BONUS 1. A Lesson on Copper Silver (Roth) 2. Matting Technique (Rubinstein) 3. Fourgone Copper silver Extras (Rubinstein) 4. Fisted Bonus Discussion (Latta)

VOLUME FIVE - Productions, Vanishes and Penetrations -

1. Triple Play (Rubinstein) 2. Bologna Debut (Rubinstein) 3. Two Card Reverse Matrix (Rubinstein) 4. Hanging Coins (Roth) 5. Four Coin Production (Gallo) 6. Variation Hanging Coins (Harbottle) 7. Pendulum Hanging Coins (Harbottle) 8. Coins Through Table (Rubinstein) 9. Coin in Bottle (Roth) 10. International Penetration (Gallo) 11. Coins to Espresso Cup (Gallo) 12. Cylinder and Coins (Bertini) BONUS 1. Seminar Show Performance (Rubinstein) 2. Classic Palm Discussion (Roth) 3. Workshop Bonus footage (Rubinstein) 4. Bottomless Cup Performance (Gallo)

VOLUME SIX - Productions, Vanishes and Penetrations

1. Clipless Clip (Gallo) 2. Smooth as Silk (Gallo) 3. Portable Hole ( Roth) 4. Case Solved (Rubinstein) 5. Fort Knox (Bertini) 6. Four Coin Vanish (Harbottle) 7. Coins Through Table (Roth) 8. Coins Through Table - No HPC (Roth) 9. Squash (Roth) 10. Signed Bill Through Quarter (Rubinstein) 11. Penny Roll (Rubinstein) 12. Cylinder and Coins (DeSouza) BONUS 1. Tuning Fork Performance (Roth) 2. Workshop Bonus Footage (Gallo) 3. Coins Through Table Performance (Gallo) 4. Workshop footage - Pinky technique (Bertini) 5. Tai Chi (Jones)

VOLUME SEVEN – Productions, Vanishes and Penetrations

1. Coin Cut (Roth) 2. Pocket Counterfeiter (Gallo) 3. Circles (Gallo) 4. The Black Hole (Rubinstein) 5. Mint Condition (Rubinstein) 6. Coin and Corners (Bertini) 7. Flying Wombat and Squishy (Harbottle) 8. Coins Through Mini Table (Roth) 9. Three Times Through (Gallo) 10. Stand Up Coins Through Table (Rubinstein) 11. Karate Coin (Rubinstein) 12. Ramsey w/out Tears (Gallo) BONUS 1. 2007 Workshop Bonus Footage (Roth) 2. Ramsey Three Coins in Hat (DeSouza) 3. Bonus Routine: Inperceptual Purse (Watkins)


1. Nest of Boxes (Rubinstein) 2. The Blank Coin Routine (Roth) 3. The Gaddabout Coins (Gallo) 4. Stonehenge (Roth) 5. Quarter Transpo (Gallo) 6. Polarized Plastic (Rubinstein) 7. Coins Across (Vic Trabucco) 8. Childhood Memories (Gallo) 9. Smileys (Rubinstein) 10. The Counterfit Coin (Stealth Palm) (Rubinstein) BONUS 1. 4 Ways Out (Gallo) 2. Roth on the Breakout Move 3. Smileys Jr. (Rubinstein) 4. Copper Silver Brass (Latta - 1983) 5. Al Schneider on Coins


1. Nest of Boxes (Roth) 2. Thieves and Sheep (Gallo) 3, Triple Coin to Card (Rubinstein) 4. Deep Back Clip Coins Across (Roth) 5. Differences (Gallo) 6. Quadra Coin Reverse Matrix (Rubinstein) 7. Rub Through (Trabucco) 8. Bust Up Bucks (Gallo) 9. Stealth Spellbound (Rubinstein) 10. Copper Silver Transposition (York) 11. Stealth Hanging Coins (Rubinstein) BONUS 1. Gallo on the Okito Box 2. Roth on the Spidergrip Vanish 3. Rubinstein on the R.O.P.S. move 4. Al Schneider on Coins 6. Three Coins Hanging spotless (Citino) 7. Nickle Saver (York)


1. Okito Goes Wild (Gallo) 2. Magnetic Coins III (Rubinstein) 3. The Fugitive Coins (Roth) 4. Nonsense (Gallo) 5. Roth on the Okito Box (Roth) 6. Ultra Reverse Matrix (Rubinstein) 7. Old Faithful (Gallo) 8. Stealth Copper Silver Transposition (Rubinstein) 9. A Sweet Little Trick (York) 10. Stealth Showcase (Rubinstein) 11. A Coin Vanish (Trabucco) BONUS 1. The Numismatist (Yotk) 2. Al Schneider on Coins 3. Glass Transit (Trabucco) 4. A Matter of Time (DeSouza) 5. Panel Discussion on the Retention Pass


1. The Wishing Well (Rubinstein) 2. The Tallahassee Jumping Coins (Rubinstein) 3. Deja Vu Coin Vanish (Rubinstein( 4. Okito Rocks (Gallo) 5. The world Famous Two Coin Trick (Gallo) 6. Coins to Cup (Roth) 7. Chop Stick Wild Coin (Roth) 8. Three Coin Vanish (Roth) 9. Deep Palms Coins Across (DeCamps) 10. Two Coin Classic (Brewer) 11. Nickle Head (York) 12. Differences (Robinson) 13. Money Doesn't Grow On Trees (Citino) BONUS 1. Michael Rubinstein on Stealth Palm 2. Mike Gallo Footage from 2009 Seminar 3. David Roth on the open Servante


1. Time For Change (Rubinstein) 2. Fuzzy Math (Rubinstein) 3. Silver Extraction (Rubinstein) 4. Two Copper One Silver (Gallo) 5. Okito Transit (Gallo) 6. McCarthy Hankerchief Vanish (Roth) 7. Rip-O (Roth) 8. Coins Across (DeCamps) 9. Recaptivated (Brewer) 10. Nickel Through the Hand - Almost (York) 11. Loose Change (Robinson) 12. Copper Silver My Way (DeSouza) BONUS 1. Michael Rubinstein on the Click Pass 2. Mike Gallo footage from the 2009 Seminar 3. Chanin TV Coin Production Performance (Roth) 4. 2009 Seminar footage (Brewer)


1. Copper Silver Brass(Rubinstein) 2. Copper Silver Transposition(Rubinstein) 3. Purse and the Glass (Rubinstein) 4. Cap and Pence (Gallo) 5. Four and Two Equals (Gallo) 6. The Flurry (Roth) 7. Three Coins and a Ring (DeCamps) 8. Transporter Malfunction (Brewer) 9. Bill Swindle (York) 10. In The Hands Copper Silver Brass (Robinson) 11. The Coin Chalice (Watkins) BONUS 1. Gallo Footage from the 2009 Seminar 2. Roth footage from the 2009 Seminar 3. The Magical Change Purse (Rubinstein) 4. Nickle Saver Performance (York) Panel Discussion on Workers Routines


1. Sliding Wild Coin (Rubinstein) 2. Twilight Zone Wild Coin (Rubinstein) 3. The Blank Coin Routine (Rubinstein) 4. Triple Penetration (Gallo) 5. Coins Across (Gallo) 6. Okorto Box (Gallo) 7. Purse Frame Production (Roth) 8. Leipzig Coins to Glass (Roth) 9. Silver and Chinese (Franzis) 10. Its Just an Illusion (Citino) 11. Leipzig Coin Vanish (Fitch) 12. Click Pass (Fitch) 13. Trident (Brewer) BONUS 1. Body Language, Movement, and Space discussion (Fitch) 2. Double Face Coin Moves (Rubinstein) 3. Five Dimes Better (Gallo) 4. Unusual Coin Gimmicks (Roth) 5. Coins Across (Gallo)


1. Voodoo Revelation (Rubinstein) 2. Copper Silver Brass Coins Across (Rubinstein) 3. Matchbox Treasury Redux (Rubinstein) 4. Psychological Coins to Glass (Gallo) 5. King Midas (Gallo) 6. Oil and Water (Gallo) 7. Production of Coins from a Hankerchief (Roth) 8. Penetrating Okito and Beyond (Watkins) 9. Six Coin Production (Franzis) 10. Three Coins in a Hat (Franzis) 11. The Wallet, the Coin, the spectator (Fitch) 12. The Red Planet (Brewer) 13. The Magic Cauldren (Brewer) BONUS 1. The Bag (Fitch) 2. More Moves (Rubinstein) 3. The Coin Pen (Gallo) 4. Boxed Out (Gallo) 5. The Gallo Ring (Gallo) 6. Three Coins in the Cup (Gallo)


1. The Bent Coin Routine (Rubinstein) 2. Oil and Water (Rubinstein) 3. Nest of Boxes (Rubinstein) 4. Two Copper Silver (Gallo) 5. Dragon Coin Part Two (Gallo) 6. The Asian Coin Act (Roth) - The Reflection - The Chopstick - The Kite 7. The Alchemist (DeSouza) 8. Cylinder and Coins (Franzis) 9. Virtual Magic - the Drunk (Fitch) 10. Four Coin Vanish (Fitch) 11. Panda Express (Brewer) BONUS 1. Money Makes the world Go Round (Fitch) 2. Loads (Rubinstein) 3. Copper Silver (Gallo) 4. Chinese Silver Surprise (Gallo) 5. Purse Production (Gallo) 6. The Record (Roth) 7. Changing Focus and Space (Fitch)