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On Screen & Other Mysteries

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On Screen & Other Mysteries

A variation of Paul Harris’s “TV Magic” card trick, David Acer’s “On Screen” was initially the raison d’etre for his 2004 DVD, On Screen & Other Mysteries. However, while the trick has proven popular (it’s even being used on stage with jumbo cards by at least one professional magician), the bonus travelogue and lecture portion of the DVD contains so many sleights, routines and cameos, that tended to be the focal point of the buzz and reviews.

On Screen

Imagine you have a few people at your home for a party, when suddenly, someone asks you to do a trick. You shrug, pull out a deck, get him to choose a card, then lose it in the pack, whereupon you turn on your TV and click through some channels until you find one you like - lets say it’s a shot of a busy sidewalk. You step back, then spring the deck against the TV screen. When all the cards have fluttered to the floor, one card is seen to be sticking (back outward) to the screen! Or is it? For a man walking by in the TV show suddenly stops, looking straight into the camera. He furrows his brow, walks up to the screen, then pulls off the card, yanking it into TV land. He looks at it on both sides, showing that it is indeed the spectator’s selection, then he shrugs and walks off screen.

Other Tricks Performed & Taught

  • Big Time
  • The Carlo Bands (Jimmy Carlo)
  • Acer on Equivoque
  • Postcards from the Dead
  • Fanfare (Patrik Kuffs)
  • Double Kicker (Romaine)
  • Flour on the Floor
  • On Bended Knee (plus The Sankey Variations)
  • New Millennium Ace Deuce Trey
  • The Spice Rack
  • Caffeine Overdose
  • Prelude to MacDonald’s Aces
  • Ultimate Aces (Michel Huot)

Sleights Taught

Action Riffle Pass (Romaine) • B.J.’s Honey Cut (Barry Julien) • Brisk Change (Acer) • Longitudinal Vanish • Riffle Force • Rotary Revelation (Victor Sendax) • Sidesteal • Spring Change (Michel Huot) • Step Control (Alain Choquette) • Table-Top Table-Tap One-Hand Top Palm Plus (Romaine) • Turnover Pass (Fred Braue) • Up The Ladder (Daryl)

Cameos/Guest Appearances

Stéphane BourgoinRick BronsonJimmy CarloAlain ChoquetteMichel HuotBarry JulienDavid KayePatrik KuffsRomaineRichard SandersJay Sankey

A Sampling of Reviews

  • “Easily the most entertaining, enjoyable, worthwhile DVD I've seen in a very long time!” Bryce Kuhlman (
  • “Besides presenting magic that is both practical and entertaining, it was just a lot of fun to watch.” Joe Turner, Genii Magazine
  • "... On Screen and Other Mysteries is one wonderful disc, packed with stellar routines and packaged complete with some absolutely hilarious bits” Shane,