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Open Traveller

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Open Traveller

In the Fall of 2002, David Acer embarked on a multi-city tour, beginning in Edmonton, Alberta, where he and magician/comedian Rick Bronson were asked to consult for and perform at the Edmonton Oilers Home Opener vs. The Philadelphia Flyers. This 2007 DVD (originally released on video in 2003) begins three days before the game and takes you on the road with David Acer as he creates, performs and teaches original, off-the-wall tricks using cards, coins, candies, balls, a clothes drier, matchbooks and bottles. Contents include:

  • FRESH MINT: Mint a piece of foil into a coin at your fingertips.
  • COKE INDUCED: Remove the cap from a bottle of Coke and change it into a beer cap, then show that the Coke bottle has now become a beer bottle.
  • UNFLAPPABLE: Tear and restore a matchbook on which a spectator has written his or her phone number.
  • SHADESHIFTER: Visibly change the color of a signed selection (e.g.,. from red to blue), then hand it out as a souvenir.
  • MITOSIS: Predict a freely chosen cellphone number during walkaround work, at someone’s home, or on stage.

And much more. Plus interludes, incidents, outtakes, cameos, and clips from various TV shows along the way, including a bonus morning talk-show appearance available only on the DVD.

Tricks Performed & Taught

  • Unflappable
  • Shadeshifter
  • Shift Happens
  • Repeat Offender
  • Fresh Mint
  • The Montreal Transpo
  • Breakneck
  • Coke Induced
  • Mindjob
  • Citizen Change
  • The Drier Trick
  • Mitosis
  • High Invisibility
  • Mail Fraud

Sleights & Utilities Taught

Add-A-No-Pad • Bob Bengal Coin Production • Coin-Roll Han Ping Chien (Jay Sankey) • Hi Ho Silver (Paul Harris) • Hi Ho Silver Change (Harris/Acer) • Reverse Double Undercut • Riffle Force • Scissor Ball Vanish • Shapeshifter (Munoz/DeSouza) • Spellbound Change (Dai Vernon) • Spinner (Rick Bronson) • The Twirl Double (Acer)

A Sampling of Reviews

  • “A compilation of excellent close-up and stand-up magic sprinkled with hilarious extras, all of which further establish Acer as one of magic’s most creative, captivating, and dangerously insane performers.” Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine
  • “... funny bits of business, nifty magic tricks and, as an added bonus, snippets of David’s television appearances. The combination makes for a very entertaining video.” Michael Close, MAGIC
  • “The magic is great.” David Goodsell, M.U.M. Magazine
  • “Great, funny, and full of material that's USABLE and DOABLE!” Aldo Colombini
  • “[Open Traveller] scores big with some great effects, as different as they are magical.” Shane,
  • “I am so impressed with this DVD both as entertainment and magical content... Brilliant piece of work...” Steve V, www.geniimagazine/
  • “I found this DVD so purely entertaining it is going onto my short stack of DVDs I watch just for pure enjoyment.” MagicSanta,
  • “This has a high rewatch value for the entertainment and effects worthy of the working professional and amateur alike.” Brian Miller, www.elmwoodmagiccom
  • “Acer is hilarious and always worth watching. And the magic here is strong.” Wayne N. Kawamoto,