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Paul Harris effects not included in AoA

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Paul Harris effects not included in the compilation Art of Astonishment:

  • Magic of Paul Harris (1976)
    • Joker Poker - Joker Poker was left out because it was an earlier version of Color Stunner and in fact was not even supposed to have been included in in "Magic of Paul Harris"(some kind of editing error). Eric Mead argued that the patter to Joker Poker was good enough for its inclusion, but was voted down. Color Stunner is a far superior handling so it won out, but the script for Joker Poker is worth a look. Some re-working of Joker Poker's patter tied to the Color Stunner method could be a terrific opening effect.
    • The Mystery of the Inner Aces - Thread selected cards are found sandwiched between the 4 aces in the deck.
    • Press - This is a quickie that Paul used as a follow-up to "Inner Aces" Three selected cards are placed together in one packet and dropped face down onto the face-up 4 aces. The magician presses down on the backs of the cards and in a flash the back of the top selected add is seen to have changed into a face-up ace. The cards are spared and it is revealed that the 3 selected cards now alternate e with the aces.
    • Transfusion Confusion - An unknown card is openly placed inside of an empty card case and set aside. A second card is selected, signed, and torn into quarters. The pieces are cut into the center of the deck. After a magical pass with the card case, the pack is spread to reveal one face-down card. It is removed and shown to be the signed card completely restored, but the card in the case is opened to show that it has fallen apart into 4 pieces.
  • Paul Harris Reveals Some of His Most Intimate Secrets (1976)
    • X-Press
    • Jigsaw
    • Tap Dancing Finale
    • Air of Mystery. A very interesting attempt to simplify a Vanishing Deck using a gaff that can be set up on the fly. Paul felt that while Air of Mystery was an interesting idea and pushed the creative envelope...that overall when compared to the Vanishing deck it just didn't hold up in terms of practical, in the trenches, convenience.