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Peter X

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Peter X
BornPeter Botros

Notable worksMr. Wizard 2.0

Peter X, an Egyptian/Canadian magician and creator, founder of


Peter X is an Egyptian Canadian magician, born and raised in the UAE and currently living in the USA. As a passionate engineer, he was always interested in puzzles and magic. He became more serious about magic when he joined Ring 22, The Detroit Magic Club in 2019, and was mentored by Nick Pudar. He started a magic website and created his first trick, Mr. Wizard 2.0, with Shay Brunson in 2021 which he offers for free on his website

He created more tricks and designed some decks that he did not release yet. Some unreleased tricks:

- Money Talks; where the spectator shows the selected card trick to a coin and the coin transmits the information to the magician's coin and the magician reveals the selected card. Performing to Eric Jones at Magifest 2021 video Money Talks Video

- First use of the 8 of Diamonds reveal on the Jack of Spades. 2019


- Invoked divination/Re-Invoked; the spectator shuffles the deck. Behind the back, the spectator picks any card and flips it face up into the face down deck. With the sense of touch alone, the magician divines the selected card. Performance video at Magic Live 2022 Invoked Divination Video

- Invoked Playing Cards

- Celtic Beasts Playing Cards

- Oil and water with 3 red poker chips and 3 black poker chips; based on the coin oil and water by Juan Luis Rubiales using 2 copper and 2 silver coins with new handling. The magician stacks poker chips on top of each other alternating between reds and blacks and after a few seconds, the reds and black chips separate like oil and water. Performance video at Detroit Magic Club meeting April 2020 Poker Chip Oil & Water Video

- Any number cards across; the magician starts by clearly and fairly counting 10 cards in pile A and 10 cards in pile B. The spectator imagines rolling a dice and names any number between 1 and 6. The magician invisibly moves that amount of cards from pile A to pile B without touching them. The magician then counts both piles again and shows that the named amount of cards have indeed teleported. Performance video at Detroit Magic Club meeting October 2020 NP Cards Across Video


Mr. Wizard 2.0 - released in March 2021 -


Magic and Cards -

Magic and Cards Instagram -

The Detroit Magic Club -

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