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BornJacques Noel Talon
December 28, 1802
Alais, near Nimes,France
DiedJune 27, 1878 (age 75)
Bokara, Turkestan

Phillippe Talon (1802-1878) was born Jacques Noel Talon in France.


According to Robert-Houdin, he was a confectioner, first in Paris and afterward in Scotland, who turned to performing magic to make ends meet.

From some Chinese jugglers Philippe learned the secret of the gold-fish trick (producing bowls of water containing fish from shawls while standing on a low table) and the Linking Rings. He also performed the trick of lighting many candles on the stage by firing a pistol. He also presented some automata, such as the Cossack, the Magic Peacock, and the Harlequin-in-the-Box.

He wore the attire of a medieval sorcerer, which was different from any other performing magician at the time.


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