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Professor W. Norris

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Professor W. Norris
BornWilliam S. Norris
June 14, 1904

Professor W. Norris (1822-1904), The Royal Wizard, was a magician, inventor, craftsman and salesman. He performed in a little magical theatre at the Crystal Palace in England for seventeen years from 1868 to 1885. He was one of the last performers in Britain to wear the traditional flowing robes of the old-time wizards.


An expert worker in wood, he sold items from his Conjuring Depot, in London. A small workshop where he made magical apparatus which had a front stall for displaying and selling his wares and a room with a raised platform which he used as a small theatre.

He invented many magic tricks. His vases, ballboxes, balls and shells, and cups and balls have long been collector's items.

After his death, his remaining stock was purchased by the Herbert J. Collings and presented to the Magic Circle for their museum.[1]


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