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Reinhard Müller

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Reinhard Müller
BornJanuary 10, 1935
Münstermaifeld, Germany

Reinhard Müller (b.1935) an amateur close-up magician cards and mental, is a retired teacher in Mathematics and Physics in Passau.


Reinhard became first interested in magic in 1950. In 1953 he started to set up his own archive on magic, by then on cross-section paper which he later transferred to file cards. First information was retrieved from Otto Stolina’s lending library, a magic dealer from Oelde, Germany. His pet effects are topological effects with jumbo cards; he invented the Three Card Catch.

Reinhard is honorary member of the German Magic Circle (MZvD) and the Magic Club Vienna, a society in Austria. He is also member of the Escuela Magica de Madrid (EMM). In Magie – the official magazine of the German Magic Circle – he contributed 30 years the editorial column “Reinhard Müller Magie-International”, published a forty-part series in the periodical of Escorial, and provided notes to each of the Carlhorst Meier Mental Workshops.

Reinhard is a founder member of the German “Card Work Shop” a gathering of card specialists; he is highly recognized for his precise knowledge on magic.


  • Reinhard earned repeatedly prizes in MZvD Close-up and Card competitions.
  • In 1978 he earned MZvD 2nd prize for Invention
  • Nominated in 1982 as MZvD Writer of the Year.


  • Falsch-Zähl-Methoden [False Counting] (1972)
  • Several major research monographs including Ambitious Cards (1977)
  • Explained 251 English Fachausdrücke aus der Kartenmagie [technical terms of card magic] (1978)
  • Gilbreath's Principles (1979, 1982, 1996 rev.)
  • Cartas Gigantes (1981)
  • Phantomwürfel [Phantom Dices] (1982)
  • Wild Cards (1983)
  • Riesen-Karten [Jumbo Cards], 3 parts (1983, 1984, and 1986)
  • Flying Cards (1985)
  • Los 4 Aces (1985)
  • Estimación (1986)
  • Card Cases (1987)
  • The Glimpse (1988)
  • The Gray Code (1989)
  • The Card Index, White Line Problem, Marlo on Faked Decks, Cards up the Sleeve, Hofzinser and the Magic of the 19th Century: Card Magic in Germany (1993; 1994 rev, 22pp)
  • Viaje de una Carta a Interior de Recinto cerrado [Card in Some Object] (1996, 8pp)
  • The Card Effects of Robert-Houdin (1996, 9pp)
  • Gelegte Spiele [Prearranged Decks] (2008)
  • He also wrote essays in 8 German and in 8 English magazines: which includes ca. 300 essays in Magie, 118 essays in Magisce Welt, and essays in Hokus-Pokus and Arcane.

Annual "Escorial" conference contributions

  • Gilbreath’s Principles (1979)
  • Jumbo Cards (1981)
  • Wild Cards [collection of effects, general information only, exclusively for the Jornadas Cartomagicas ‘93] (1983)
  • Ace Assembly (1985)
  • Flying Cards – Cards Across (1985)
  • Estimation (1986)
  • Card Cases (1987)
  • Glimpse (1988)
  • Gray Code [Código Pulsera] (1989)
  • Card Indexes (1990)
  • Culling and Stocking [Búsquedas y Montajes] (1990)
  • White Line (1991)
  • Marlo on Faked Decks (1992)
  • Hofzinser and the Magic in the 19th a 20th Century (1993)
  • Cards Up the Sleeve (1993)
  • Allerton – Horowitz – Daley (1994)
  • The Card Magic of Stanley Collins (1995)
  • Card In... [Viaja de una Carta a Interior de Recinto Cerrado] (1996)
  • The Card Effects of Robert-Houdin (1996)
  • Vernon’s Lectures in Germany (1997)
  • Escaping Card [Carta Escapista, Card penetrates some Objects] (1997)
  • Larry Jennings by Busby/Mueller (1998)
  • Paini – Potassy – Pasteboards (1999)
  • Greater Magic – Great Stimulation [Premonition effect] (2000)
  • Pintajes – Color Changes (2001)
  • Baraja “Mene-Tekel” (2002)
  • Cartomagia Japonesa (2003)
  • Buckley 30 [30 Card Problems – plots] (2004)
  • Ein Spiel Karten, Prague 1853 – A Pack of Cards – A Look Back into the Middle of the 19th Century – First Textbook of advanced Card Magic, – Appendix: Ein Blick in Döbler’s und Bosko’s Zauberkabinet, 1832, Döbler’s Book, as a Forerunner of “EIN SPIEL KARTEN” (2005)
  • Karl Fulves’ Magazines (2006)
  • Sam Schwartz and Playing Cards, special (2007)
  • Paul Harris (2008)
  • A Subjective Attempt in Search of Clues of Card Magic concerning German-language Countries (2009)
  • Ralph W. Hull, ‘The Wizard of Crooksville”and a variety of his Card Magic (2010)
  • Is Conradi’s “Der Moderne Kartenkünstler” still MODERN? (2011)


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