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BornIfor Parry
November 29, 1919
Caenarfon, North Wales
DiedJune 9, 1996 (age 76)
Bangor, North Wales

Rovi (1919-1996), the Wizard of Wales, was a printer by trade and a semi-profession card magician.


He served in the Royal Corps of Signals during World War II, where he would often entertained his comrades with card magic.

He was the first Welsh magician to receive an Honorary Ovate by the National Eisteddfod, one of the highest honors in Wales. Rovi served as President of the I.B.M. British Ring in 1984, was Honorary Life President of the North Wales Magic Circle, and a Gold Star member of the Inner Magic Circle.[1][2] Channing Pollock publicly knighted him at The Magic Circle "The King of Cards".[3][4]



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