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Rumba Count

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The Rumba Count (or Rhumba Count) is a false count with cards that is an elegant alternative to the Flushtration Count developed by Jean-Pierre Vallarino. It shows all faces of a small packet of cards to be the same while in reality only showing one. The packet begins face up in dealing position (rather than face down), then is grasped and revolved by the opposite hand as the count is executed in a flourishy manner.

It was published first in french in Arcane (France) magazine No. 67, july 1992, page 7, then in Gary Ouellet's column Fulminations in Genii 1992 November, Vol. 56, No. 1, page 74.


  • Hypnotic Rhumba Count by Jean-Pierre Vallarino published in Genii 2003 December - Shows only 2 face cards while apparently showing the faces of all cards in the packet. (Originally published in only in French).