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Sandwich tricks are a broad category of card magic where a card or a number of cards are captured between some known cards.

A version was described in The Magic Wand, Vol. 7, No. 77, January 1917 by Louis Christianer under the title The Obedient Card, page 78.


  • Progressive Sandwich (also known as Searcher) is a variation in which the locator cards in the deck continue to get closer and closer to the selection until eventually it's trapped between just those two cards.
  • Instant Sandwich in which two cards are placed face-up in widely separated parts of the pack. Then without any cuts or shuffles, the cards are spread to show that they are now together with the selected card between them.
  • Multiple Sandwich (aka Collectors) where three selected cards are caught between four-of-a-kind.
  • Isolated Sandwich in which the two cards are kept separate from the deck and a card magically ends up between them.

Sandwiches in print

Progressive Sandwich

Instant Sandwich

Isolated Sandwich

  • Grasshopper by Paul Harris in Supermagic (1977) A selected card vanishes from between two Kings to appear between the other two Kings.
  • "Ishkabibble Sandwich" by Eric Jones in Reel Magic Issue 8 DVD December 2008.