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Sealed Mysteries

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Sealed Mysteries
B Hull Sealed Mysteries.jpg
AuthorBurling Hull
EditorSylvester S. Walters
PublisherMaster Technic Publishing Co.
Publication Date1911
SubjectCard tricks

Sealed Mysteries

Explaining the Latest Card Mysteries and Spirit Tricks made Public for the First Time, with Directions for constructing Trick Cards


Burling Hull

Illustrated By Original Engravings in Line and Half-tone

This volume contains full and complete explanations of the LATEST CARD MYSTERIES AND SPIRIT TRICKS THE CATALOGUED VALUE of which Total Over $30.00


The famous Sealed Letter Test, the Flyaway Card Trick; the Thayer Card Rising Tray, the Devil's Pass and Improvements, the Burling Hull Improved Letter Test, the Goblin Aces, Monte Cristo Cards, Photo Sprite, Houdins Dream, Cards Mysterious and Improvements, Satan's Secret, Novel Card Discovery, Electra, Trance Cards and others.


with full directions for CONSTRUCTING ALL FAKE CARDS and TRICK PACKS

ONLY 500 COPIES of this rare Sealed VOLUME ISSUED

Distributors Martinka & Co. New York

To The Fraternity

YOUR attention is directed to the fact that the BURLING HULL PUBLICATIONS are not supplied to book stores or agencies nor any medium through which they may reach the outside public.

These limited publications are restricted to sale through the recognized magical depots of America and Europe.

As the contents never reach the general public the value of the material is doubly enhanced.


THE recent tendency toward Impromptu Magic is due largely to the increased opportunities for social intercourse, supplied by the numerous Magical Societies, at which magicians are wont to gather for the purpose of amusing and amazing one another, with feats in the higher form of Magic that appear inexplicable even by the known principles of Illusion.

The popularity of such off-hand Wizardry is fostered by the professional, who is invariably called upon to offer an example of his ability so soon as his profession is known, and if forced to explain that he is without apparatus at hand he is looked upon as a poor sort of Magician, who cannot perform without mechanical apparatus. He is therefore stimulated to keep at hand, at least one or two impromptu mysteries.

Of late years many followers of professional callings, such as Law, Medicine, Politics, Science, Banking, and a surprising number of the Ministry, have taken up the Art of Magic, realizing its value as a mental recreation aside from its fascinating entertaining qualities. Salesmen and traveling men find it a material aid to business. All these, prefer magical effects of a seemingly impromptu nature.

In this volume, the first publication devoted to the higher form a of impromptu magic, the author and editor have endeavored to select only the finest and most subtle of the many tricks of this nature, of recent invention, which have never before appeared in print.

The author, Mr. Burling Hull, who needs little if any introduction to magical students, owns the largest collection of card tricks in existence, beside which, he has invented a series of over thirty tricks with Special and Mechanical cards, as well as numerous tricks in sleight of hand, with cards and other objects, entirely aside from his work in the line of mechanical and stage apparatus. This alone renders him better able to speak authoritatively on the subject', than probably anyone else, while his experience as the leading magical instructor of the East, enables him to deal with the subject in a manner which is most readily comprehensive to the magical student. Always original, Mr. Hull has added to the various experiments much that will improve them, as well as suggestions for the alteration and improved construction of the majority.

Care has been taken to place the credit for the various inventions where it is due, a feature which is sadly neglected by so many present day writers.


New York.


  • The Goblin Aces
  • Warrings Card Principle
  • Satan's Secret
  • "Novel Card Discovery"
  • The Monte Cristo Cards
  • Substitute for Pass
  • Houdin's Dream Improved
  • The Thayer Card Rising Tray
  • New Changing Spot Cards
  • The Photo Sprite
  • The Sealed Letter Test
  • The Fourteen Inventions in Self Forcing Methods
  • The Improved "Cards Mysterious"
  • The Hoax of 1909
  • The Devil's Pass and Improvements
  • "Electra" (The Trance Cards)
  • The Fly Away Card Trick

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