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Secrets of Famous Illusionists

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Secrets of Famous Illusionists
AuthorWill Goldston
PublisherJohn Long, Limited
Publication Date1933
SubjectMagic biographies

Secrets of Famous Illusionists -- seems to be very similar in content to Goldston's 1929 Sensational Tales of Mystery Men.

Republished by Gryphon Books, 1971


  • Foreword by J. C. Cannell
  1. The Truth About Chung Ling Soo
  2. The Romantic Story of Carl Hertz
  3. The Great Lafayette--The Most Hated Magician
  4. Maskelyne and the Psycho Sensation
  5. Houdini As I Knew Him
  6. Did Houdini Fail?
  7. Some More New Facts About Houdini
  8. De Kolta's "Vanishing Lady" Secret
  9. The Truth About the Indian Rope Trick
  10. Tricks of Bogus Mediums
  11. Why I Am a Spiritualist
  12. Mediums I Have Sat With
  13. Magic and Crime
  14. The Great Kellar
  15. Howard Thurston's Rise to Riches
  16. Zancigs and their Brilliant Thought-Reading Code
  17. How Zomah Delayed a Murder
  18. David Devant--Master Magician
  19. A King of Modern Conjurers
  20. A Medley of Magicians
  21. My Magical Life
  22. "The Man Who Made Ice Famous"
  23. An Undertaker's Interruption
  24. The Prince Who Stabbed His Partner
  25. Ceeley and the Naked Lady
  26. Dante's "Disappearing Lady"
  27. The Handcuffed Clergyman--An Escape That Went Wrong
  28. A Conjurer's Rapid Courtship
  29. Muller the Mystic
  30. Dilemma of a Parliamentary Magician
  31. The Cornells and Their Ghastly Publicity Stunt
  32. Wishart and the Corpse
  33. The Tragedy of Hanco
  34. The £. S. D. of Magic
  35. Miscellaneous Magic